10 comments on “A Singer on the Radio (Seven Favorites)

  1. Curiously, I spotted this beauty of a song newly posted in Ajayuv’s YouTube site the day after I did the post here. As you can tell, this scene was filmed at least a decade later than anything I’ve posted (the songs in my post range from 1938 to ’59), but I certainly would have considered it,and it wouldn’t even have ruined the color scheme.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I also have one for you that shouldn’t ruin the colour scheme :)

    One of my favourites from the movie Anuradha (1960) with fantastic music by Ravi Shankar –

  3. Thank you, Jamal. Yes, the music is very good! But it doesn’t actually show a singer in the radio studio; it just shows the radio – which isn’t exactly what I had in mind. On the other hand, I guess it fits the rules as I wrote them above, and I am glad to have it. :)
    P.S. I wrote an earlier version of this post (which was up for a few minutes) that more clearly described the scene that I had in mind as “one singer in front of a radio microphone” (or something like that), but I changed the wording because I felt that the Noor Jehan clip from Koel didn’t exactly fit that description, either.

  4. This was a very popular technique so long as radio was the popular (in fact, sole) medium for broadcasting films songs.
    Here are three songs that come to my mind:
    Tum Jo Hamare Meet Na Hote – Aashiq- Mukesh – Shanker Jaikishan –

    Ek Tha Bachpan – Aashirwad – Lata Mangeshkar – Vasant Desai –

    (this clip has the background of the main song).

    Aap Aaye To Dil-e- Nashad Aaya – Gumrah – Mahendra Kapoor – Ravi –

  5. Thank you, Ashok! By the way, you say it’s a great list, but maybe it wasn’t until you added four more songs! It should not be a surprise that I recognized the two black-and-white songs but not the color ones. :) I do not know why the song from Ashiq did not occur to me, except that, when I think of the songs from that film, “Jhanan Jhan Jhnake Apni Payal” overshadows everything else. But all the songs in that film are good – and so are the songs on this list – which is my list doubled if you include all the comments at the time that I’m writing this comment – which is great!

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