5 comments on “RIP, Zubaida Khanum

  1. Hi,

    I actually visited the site today to see you had received the news about Zubaida Khanum, then I saw the previous post on the ‘radio songs’ so had to contribute.

    I don’t think there is one song by Zubaida Khanum that wasn’t a hit. I personally have enjoyed every single Zubaida Khanum song I have ever heard, be it in Urdu or Punjabi and have enjoyed the sweetness of her voice immensely. I would easily say she reigned supreme as the greatest playback singer in Pakistan for over a decade. During that time, Noor Jehan sung her own songs (the odd one or two play back).

    I know we recently discussed how our opinions can sometimes change based on an artists personal behaviour. Well I can certainly say in Zubaida Khanum’s case when I saw her interviews I became an even bigger fan. Such a respectable, humble and sweet lady that Pakistan can be immensely proud of. May God grant her a lofty status in paradise.

  2. Dr. Bhukari of the lovehumanity channel requested I upload this song by Zubaida Khanum from 1958’s Chhoo Mantar. . Since he knows his Pakistani classic film songs, I figure it’s a worthy example of her work and provides nice contrast to the Noor Jehan version of the same song:

  3. Jamal, thank you for sending such a nice message! She does seem humble and sweet in the interview, and the clips are good. But to catch much of what is being said here, I’ll have to go over it dhire. (I’ve finished my temp job, so maybe I can go back to the Hindi/Urdu studies a little more.)

    Swarup, thanks, I like that song! I’ll look and listen again, but I am not sure where you would be hearing another female singer, except somewhere in the background? (There are several singers in the background chorus, though it seems they are all male.)

    Madhu, it wasn’t clear in your comment on Facebook whether you knew of her passing or not, but you certainly offered nice words, and it’s great to see that I had introduced you to that song. :)

    Tom, thanks. That’s another good one. I posted your clip of the Noor-Zubaida singoff from that film to the Facebook page for the Noor Jehan Fan Club today, and then somebody else posted the same video two hours later! I liked a Zubaida Khanum song that you’;d posted from Neend also, and I put that one on my timeline. (I am wondering if I should supplement February’s list with another. I’m thinking of doing a duets list this time.But it’s just a thought – no promises yet!)

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