9 comments on “Nalini Jaywant Songs in Nastik (1954), with English Subtitles

  1. I should watch this film again – it’s been ages, and I’ve forgotten much of it except the angst of the Ajit character. And the villainy of – IS Johar, was it?

  2. Yes, I believe I.S. Johar was the villain (and he was also the director, right?)… It’s been a while since I watched it myself. I actually don’t remember the villain that well… Well, not the individual villain… The real villain in this film is Partition, and the thing that stands out in my mind most is actually that wonderful first song at the beginning, sung by Kavi Pradeep for Ajit.

    And I also like the emphasis on the nastik – which is kind of fun for me, because I’m such a nastik myself. (Though of course he does see the errors of his ways. Maybe I would have too for the same reason – Nalini Jaywant!)

  3. Hello, Sham. That is nice. Unfortunately, it is not in the format through which the linked clip would actually appear here, and I can’t seem to change it the right way (as I usually can). But the link will take people there.

    I have heard songs sung by Nalini Jaywant. In fact, she sings for herself in the movie that I reviewed in the post prior to this one, Sister (1941).

  4. hi richard, may i ask you where are you situated? do you have any contacts to people outside india who are experts on indian cinema ? many have loads of music from olden days and have contacts in that field as well. regards sham

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  5. I live in New York City. I am presently residing in The Bronx, where I grew up. I gained much of my education in Indian cinema while living in Jackson Heights, Queens, from 2007 to 2010. I used to go to the Bollywood DVD stores around there very frequently. And from “meeting” other fans of Indian cinema after I started my blog, during the same time. (I had also had some affinity for related music and culture some time before, some of it through personal connections made in NYC. But my knowledge in the classic cinema began in earnest only six to seven years ago.)

    I do know a few people in the U.S. who have expertise in Indian cinema. Several of them are on my blog roll. (Most have American/western origins; a couple are NRIs.) I correspond regularly with a few more fans of Indian cinema who are NRIs in places like England, Spain, and Australia. And I think there are a few Bollywood bloggers and readers of my blog who actually do live in India. :)

  6. well, thats amazing. may i give you some links of experts which i know ? they might be on your list. i am situated in germany. sham

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  7. Sorry, I am late entry! I am interested in songs actually ‘sung’ by Nalini Jaywant herself for / in Hindi films. Could somebody give me a right link(s), as the link provided by Sham on Dec. 24 2013 does not work.

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