3 comments on “Did Eleanor Powell’s dance in Honolulu (1939) influence Sitara Devi’s dance in Roti (1942)?

  1. Richard, I would definitely say ‘inspired’. :) It is too much of a coincidence otherwise. Besides, this must be one of the few times I have actually liked the Hollywood dance to the Indian one. Much though Sitara Devi is an accomplished dancer, I think Elinor Powell was definitely better in the first part of the clip (when they are actually dancing). The similarity of the steps makes it easy to compare the two.

    Thanks for both clips, though. It was rather nice to see both dances.

  2. Thank you for confirming that, Anu.;) And, yes, I agree that if you compare the first part of these dances, Eleanor Powell has the edge there.

  3. Richard, of course Hollywood derived inspiration from Honolulu after a success that film . Sitara is closer Hawaiian roots but looks stiffer than Eleanor (more swinging, jazzy,aerial and perfect in taps. Thanks for interesting blog. Ryszard

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