4 comments on “Happy Birthday, Cuckoo Moray!

  1. My Mum’s birthday too, of Cuckoo was like her she will be this very energetic yet calm, enthusiastic, warm and always smiling person!

    Looking forward to going through the songs, don’t know some of them.

  2. Thank you for providing the link to that page, which I have seen before. In turn, let me provide the link to a larger, more comprehensive page on Cuckoo at the same site, Cineplot, below. Notice, by the way, that on this page, Cineplot spells the name “Moray.”


    “Moray” is the spelling in the vast majority of links I’ve seen that have mentioned her last name. Moreover (no pun intended), I assumed that “Moore” and “Moray” would be pronounced the same way if we read “Moore” with the long “e” that appears in most transliterations of Hindi. Who knows, maybe it was originally spelled as “Moore” and pronounced the way that name would normally be pronounced in English but then got changed to “Moray.”

    I’ve worked as a proofreader for many years, so I am aware that differences in spelling can be significant in documents that are written in English. But I’ve also learned that when we’re talking about the names of people in Indian films, it saves a lot of time not to worry too much about such matters.

  3. After looking back at this one while doing a new Cuckoo birthday post a couple of years later, I want to add here that “Moray” is most likely the correct spelling, given information mentioned in more recent conversations and posts, and “Moray” was also her married name (but moore – I mean more – on that elsewhere : ) ).

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