5 comments on “Welcome, spring!

  1. Richard, ‘spring’ has only arrived on the calendar. :( C’mon, not one daffodil has poked its head up in my garden yet. And my resident skunk mutters disgustedly when he wanders out and still sees snow on the ground. Local temp is 35 F. Spring?

    The songs make me long to go back to India (where I hear it is hot, hot, hot!).

  2. And here in Delhi, spring will soon be giving way to summer – it’s not hot, hot, hot yet, but winter’s certainly behind us. The traffic circles are still full of petunias and nasturtiums, and the red silk cotton is still covered with flowers, so I guess we’ll be calling it spring for a while yet.

    Richard, I liked your selection of spring songs. I was thinking of doing one sometime too, and here is one song that I’d put on my list: Saanwle-salone aaye din bahaar ke:

  3. Anu, I am not sure I remember what part of the U.S. you are living in. Are you part of the Boston-area contingent?

    In New York on Friday, it got up to 50 degrees while I was outside. That’s pretty balmy, relatively speaking, and it did feel like spring! The forecast for Saturday is a high of 61. But the forecast says that next week, we’re going to have days in the 30s again. For some reason, I am not surprised.

    I have spent most of the winter in New York City, but for various reasons, I ended up upstate, in Ithaca, NY, during the polar vortex. It was the first time in my life when I ended up walking around outside for at least an hour, doing errands, in temperatures that stayed below 0 degrees F. But I survived..

    Actually, I prefer that to “hot, hot, hot” which I experienced in Philadelphia this past summer. I won’t forget one day when I was looking forward to a Bharatanatyam performance in front of Philly’s City Hall (wouldn’t that have been interesting?), but it got canceled because of the heat. That was pretty funny. I looked up the temperature in Tamil Nadu, and actually, it was exactly the same as the temperature in Philadelphia.

    We’re going to be seeing more extremes in both directions. Hopefully, we’ll still be able to enjoy a real spring and a real fall.

    Madhu, I didn’t think it would be that hot in Delhi, yet, because I remembered you and a couple of other people telling me that it would be safe to visit until the end of March. :) Well, that’s not going to happen, and I’m pretty uncertain about the fall, too. Oh, well.

    Thanks for the film clip. It’s a sweet-sounding song, and it’s a little more modern than the ones I picked. :) I was wondering, do or did families in India often ride around on a bicycle like that, with the child in a basket attached to the front handlebars? It was making me a little nervous, especially since a couple of other movies that I have seen showed that when people are singing and/or whistling in bicycles, they’re probably going to crash.

  4. Richard, I’ve never seen a child in the bicycle basket, but it used to be pretty common to see children on the bar in front of the seat. Maybe back in the 50s and 60s children did sit in the basket (much has changed here since then).

  5. Richard,
    Boston-area resident, Yes. And while the temperatures did go up to 50 a couple of days, there was so much wind and no sun that made it seem like it was still in the 30s. My garden is a slushy mess, and as I said, not one crocus or narcicuss or daffodil has shown its head yet. That said, I saw Robins today, bathing in a couple of water puddles in my backyard, so perhaps ‘Spring’ is springing somewhere!

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