12 comments on “Sickle Songs?

  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea for today, Richard! I love all three songs you’ve posted, especially Naach re dharti ke pyaare. Yes, raise those sickles (and the hammers)!

    I’m sure there must be other songs too in which sickles feature, but here’s one which came immediately to mind. Mere desh ki dharti, from Upkaar:

  2. Indeed this is a brilliant idea Richar. One has to search for a Mehboob Khan film to find a sickle song.
    Here’s one from Mother INdia.

  3. Madhu, thanks for that song. Although, I have to say, the sickles play just a minor role, considering all the other stuff. (Do you think it’s patriotic enough?)

    By the way, if anyone is reading this who would like English subtitles, go here.

    And thank you for the comments regarding the other songs (and the list idea in general)! I also like “Naach Re Dharti Ke Pyare” a lot, though I admit, that is the one song out of the three that I did not see from watching the film (which I haven’t really had a chance to watch yet). Actually, I found that song first in someone else’s post on someone else’s blog. :)

  4. Reeba, thank you for the Mother India song – that is perfect. I thought that there probably was one song from that film that prominently featured sickles, but I just couldn’t remember it, and it is a long film with a few long songs. :) It does seem true that with Mehboob Khan – especially if he’s got Naushad with him – one is more likely to find a song with a sickle (as in Aan). Curiously, though, the first song that I posted here, “Aai Sawan Rut Aai,” shows Nargis swinging a sickle to the music of Naushad, but the director isn’t Mehboob Khan, it’s S.U. Sunny. So, I guess we can’t make too many general assumptions, etc. :)

    Anyway, I also wanted to thank you for leading me to discover “Naach Re Dharti Ke Pyare,” via your post on Harvey’s blog:


  5. Yes, I guess sickles do play a fairly minor role in Mere desh ki dharti; there’s a lot more stuff happening, what with water being fetched, fields being ploughed (and harvested at the same time? I’m no farmer, but I think there’s something a little off there…), etc. Very patriotic, though when it comes to making me actually feel patriotic, there’s no beating Ae mere pyaare watan from Kabuliwala – that song always gives me gooseflesh.

  6. Thank you, Ashraf. “Nai Zindagi Se Pyar Karke Dekh” is good, and it fits the theme well.

    I thought of including “Mausam Beeta Jaye,” myself, but I noticed that if there are sickles in this scene, they are not very visible and appear very briefly. Actually, I am looking at pictures of different sickles right now :), and maybe we see the long-handled kind with a straighter edge, but not the iconic curved sickle that is so visible in some of the other songs, and not any being raised, either. :) (For fun, I am taking the visual theme very literally.) But if we built this up to, say, a list of ten, maybe it could be included… And it is a great song! (As Madhu pointed out while posting it on Facebook, it is perfect for May 1, since that is the birthday of both Balraj Sahni and Manna Dey.)

  7. In fact, I’d thought of posting Mausam beeta jaaye here too, but didn’t, considering the sickles – whenever they were in evidence – looked very different from the iconic curved sickle. More like short hoes. I couldn’t even really see whether they were being used to cut grass (or crops, or whatever) or not.

  8. So I see that we had the same problems with it. I also couldn’t even see exactly what those tools were being used for. :)

  9. You are right it is may not be sickle as it is not harvesting but sowing song I had my doubts but the song is so good I could not resist the tempation of taking a chanc:) .atleast i got one on the dot:)

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