3 comments on “For the 50th Death Anniversary of Mehboob Khan (Part 1)

  1. …and now I’m hoping you’ll post Part 2 soon, because I want to know which films you’ll list in that, Richard! Thank you for the link to my Aan review. That is one film that has lots of flaws, but is still – as you mention – fun to watch. I am a little less enthusiastic about Anmol Ghadi, despite the great music and the presence of both Noorjehan and Suraiya. Partly, I suppose because Surendra puts me off (and now that you’ve mentioned that Surendra is also there in Anokhi Ada, I guess any desire I had to watch that film goes flying out the window…!)

  2. Madhu, I think I was finishing up Part 2 when you posted your comment. (Sometimes it’s hard to tell the times of things, because I never changed the post times to my own time zone. But it doesn’t really seem to matter much, considering that I have readers in India, Australia, Spain, and Switzerland – as I am sure you do, too.)

    Anyway, wow, it’s too bad that certain actors can put you off movies so much. We don’t agree regarding your turn-offs, but I can sort of understand your feelings about Raj Kapoor (even though I like him), because he is very conspicuous with his particular routines (Charlie Chaplin, etc.). I don’t know how people could actively dislike Surendra. :) At the very least, I think he has a nice singing voice.

    I understand that Surendra is not the dashing hero type… And if you are put off by his lack of dashing in Anmol Ghadi, you surely won’t like him in Anokhi Ada, where he looks like a complete dork. But Anokhi Ada has such nice singing by Shamshad Begum, too, for Naseem Banu. It also has a lot of Mukesh. (Do you like Mukesh? It could be that you don’t because he reminds you of Raj Kapoor. :) )

    I think Surendra might be a little more appealing in Lal Haveli. I think he makes for a nicer match with Noor Jehan there than he does in Anmol Ghadi. But I do love Anmol Ghadi!

    It’s true, though, that among my favorite films, Anmol Ghadi does not seem to impress other people as much as some of the others. I’ve shown some of my favorites to people who were not big Hindi film fans, and these people definitely liked Shree 420, Mahal, and Pakeezah. But on two different occasions, when I tried to show Anmol Ghadi to someone, the other person fell asleep! Though ti could be because some of that music is so dreamy and soothing…

  3. No, it’s not as if Surendra actually puts me off that much, but when I have so much to read, watch, and write, I have to be very careful with where I invest my time. :-) So, picking films to watch becomes a major exercise in figuring out whether it’s worth it or not. I have even put on the back burner films starring my favourite actors and actresses, simply because – after watching a few minutes – I realised I didn’t seem to be liking the film that much.

    I did notice, later, that you’d posted Part 2 – I read it, too, but decided to comment today.

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