3 comments on “Ten of my Favorite Lata Mangeshkar Songs from the Films of V. Shantaram

  1. I think I will listen to your selections, Richard. Like Sharda is one person I’d much rather not hear, Sandhya is one person I’d much rather not see – except perhaps in small doses. :)

    Such lovely songs, though. It’s a lovely birthday tribute.

  2. Last year I was depressed and grief stricken and Lata spoke for me in these words ‘Kat te hain dukh main yeh din pahloo baddal baddal ke”. ” Ulphat ki Thokoron se aakhir na bach saka dil , kitne kadam uthaya hamne sambhal sambhal ke”. All time favorite song. Music, C. Ramchandra, lyrics, Noor Lakhnavi. Thanks for your selections, Richard.
    No accounting for taste. Shantaram left beautiful Jayshree and took up with Sandhya.

  3. I know that a few people out there don’t like Sandhya, but I do. Oh, well.

    I like all the songs I’ve listed, for watching as well as listening. But, yes, the best by far is one of the two picturized on Jayashree, “Kat te hain duhk main yeh din…” And the other one picturized on Jayashree might be my second favorite. But that is because of the music of C. Ramchandra and the magic he was able to create with Lata at that time.

    I think Sandhya was a fine actress, and I like her dancing in many of her films, although I know it is not always the best by formal or classical standards. I think she did have more talents than Jayashree and was also more interesting to look at. (I know many people don’t see that interestingness as beauty, but I always enjoy looking at her).

    I also think that Sandhya was a good face for Lata’s voice. There may even have been some resemblance. In the film Teen Batti Char Rasta, especially the performance of “Akhiyan hai yeh roop ki pyasi” (second video down), V. Shantaram actually arranged for Sandhya to resemble Lata in her visual style (with the braid, etc.). And maybe because I consumed a number of Shantaram films only five to seven years ago (finding most of them on DVD in the bargain bins of Bollywood stores in Jackson Heights, NY :) ), the Sandhya-Lata match is always fresh in my mind.

    I should have written some text in the post mentioning these things, and I started to… But I realized I had neither time nor energy to write much before Lata’s birthday was over, and I chose to stick with that deadline. :)

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