6 comments on “A Very Significant Week for Birth and Death Anniversaries

  1. Oh, nice, Richard! It had never even occurred to me just how many musicians and singers were born or died in the week around Christmas. December, yes (I was thinking of that just the other day, when remembering that Dev Anand died in December), but not this particular week.

    Love the songs you’ve selected to remember them by. Especially Gagan jhanjhana raha – that’s a particular favourite of mine.

  2. Thank you, Madhu. It’s very interesting to see that “Gagan Jhanajhana Raha” is one of your favorites, because it’s also become one of mine. Years ago, I didn’t notice it as much as the first and last songs in the movie – I guess because it didn’t have as much significance in the plot? But that’s changed now that I am listening to it again and looking at that wonderful scene.

    And, it’s true that I haven’t even covered the whole birth/death list for December… Dev Anand died close to a year after Nalini Jaywant (though a few weeks earlier in the month), and I know we’ve talked about that in our blogs… Another death anniversary comes up next week: The youngest Travancore Sister, Ragini, who died on December 30, 1976.

    P.S. And now, at this moment, Facebook and blog sites are telling me that December 24 is also the death anniversary of M.G. Ramachandran!

  3. What a lovely post Richard. I was struck by the abundance of remembrance posts online this week and I did know about Noorjehan’s death and Rafi saab’s birth anniversaries but not of Naushad saab’s. Its nice to see all the artists commemorated in one post.

  4. Talking about MGR, another great from the South – the composer and singer Ghantasala – was also born in December. Not in this week, but still. December 4th.

  5. Musab, I thought I had cleared your message earlier, but the WordPress filter is playing tricks on me again.

    Anyway, thank you for the good words!

    And thank you for indirectly reminding me to visit your blog again. :) It’s been a while, and there is some great stuff there that I need to catch up on.

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