11 comments on “Five Excellent Dances with Krishna Kumar

  1. Regarding Jaadoo ,made by A R Kardar ,it is to state that the movie was based upon 1948 movie The Loves of Carmen. It was a scene by scene copy .It is learnt that Kardar Sahab had a 16 MM print of the movie & after watching ,he use to shoot the Hindi film. It is the reason of western attires donned by every character in Jaadoo. Dance Master Krishan Kumar can be seen performing with Cuckoo in Naujawaan-1951 in O Piya dance also.

  2. Thanks, MN. I’d already gotten information about the influence of The Loves of Carmen, but I didn’t know it was a scene-by-scene copy.

    Thanks also for the info on yet another dance that he was in!

  3. OK, so this is the dance that MN referred to above, the “O Piya” song in Naujawan:

    [Note: The video I originally put in this comment disappeared, so a bit further down the road, I decided to replace it with a copy that Tom had posted about eight months later. :) ]

  4. And as those who are continuing to read the comments for the Azurie post know, shortly after I put this post up, SK confirmed that Krishna Kumar was the male dancer in the great dance from Sanjog (1943):

  5. I had to return to comment more here after I looked at Tom’s latest uploads of songs from Dillagi and noticed that my favorite song/dance in that film, “Meri Pyari Patang,” was listed as being choreographed by Krishna Kumar. I think this dance is brilliant, because of the wonderful pantomime of kite flying, which is very convincing yet very artistic, too.

    I usually do not know how to figure out how much of a great dance is the result of the dancer(s) and how much of the choreographer. (Is there even a way to do that?) But I imagine that the choreographer had to do a lot of directing in a dance like this. Anyway, it’s certainly worth posting here… Maybe some time there should be a follow-up post with dances that Krishna Kumar choreographed (but was not in)?

  6. I think I stumbled across another dance with Krishna Kumar (and Cuckoo). He’s not the choreographer of the 1951 Afsana (Gyan Shankar is), and he’s uncredited, but I believe it’s Krishna Kumar. If you decide it isn’t, then please delete the comment. I think he’s the male dancer in the black hat. There’s also another male dancer – this one with a white hat – but I don’t know who that is. Maybe you do.

  7. Thanks, Tom. It makes sense to me that this is Krishna Kumar. Maybe someone else here might think otherwise, and if so, may that person speak up! But it looks right to me. And, no, I can’t identify the other dancer, either.

    By the way, right before you posted your comment, I was looking at the Honey O’Brien dance from this film that you also posted, and I shared it on Facebook. There are a few very interesting dances in Afsana. I also should watch the whole film sometime soon.

  8. Oh, you haven’t seen the film? It’s quite good, I think, but with a screwy ending, in my opinion. Three Cuckoo dances including one with Jeevan. And Cuckoo has a lot of dialog as well. Kuldip Kaur and Pran pretending to dance. And, as you mentioned, Honey, pretending to be a ballerina.

    But the thing to take away from these videos with Krishna Kumar is, I think, that he’s as good as, and often better than, his female partners, including Cuckoo whom I dearly love. You made a similar point earlier.

  9. I have been meaning to watch this one for a while, so I think I will soon… I picked up a DVD of a film called Afsana a number of years ago, but it was a film from the ’60s starring Ashok Kumar with Padmini – a very different thing. (But, actually, when I see the word “Afsana,” the first thing I think of is that nice Suraiya song from Dillagi.)

    Krishna Kumar does always seem to be better than his female partners. It’s the same way as with Gopi Krishna a few years later, but Gopi Krishna had such a big name and probably a cult of personality, and Krishna Kumar doesn’t even get a listing. I guess KK’s untimely death had something to do with that, and also that he was not a classical star; he just danced in cabaret acts,(?)… But still, it’s a little puzzling why, if he actually danced better than legends such as Azurie and Cuckoo, he didn’t even get credited much of the time.

  10. It is nice to read about Krishna Kumar and his dances, but sad to know about the way of his demise. When the interesting subject has been opened why not discuss information about dance appearance of Surya Kumar too who was also a great choreographer. If I am not making mistake Surya Kumar appeared dancing in great song ‘Bholi surat dil ke khote’ from Albela. Am I correct? Also pl. some of you come forward and mention any other songs with dance appearance by SK.

  11. Dean, I am glad you liked the post, and thank you for that information about an appearance by Surya Kumar. I am sorry that I took so long to answer your comment, though I was also kind of hoping that someone else out there might spot the comment and be able to confirm that appearance for you (since I can’t really confirm this one, myself). But given that a year and a half has passed since this post appeared and it’s been more than a year since the last comment here, I can kind of understand why this is not getting an immediate response from anyone else. :)

    I have just mentioned your question/comment re. that appearance in Albela to someone else (whom I shall not name at the moment :) ), and if we don’t get confirmation there, I might pass the question along to other people, too. I might also inquire about other appearances by SK, although I am kind of hoping that some other people will eventually see your question here and volunteer the information.

    New comments are always noted on the blog’s right sidebar, so maybe someone will eventually get to this old post that way, and the conversation will be revived. (Some old posts of mine have been revived again and again thanks to new comments from people who stumbled upon them years later, etc.)

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