2 comments on “Here, Have Some Chutney!

  1. chutney is a salad of many popular genres I see. Thanks Richard.Tamasha,Jatra,Garba,belly dancing,mujra,folk, all into a very earthy and titillating mix. I am reminded too of Teesri Kasam and the village fair.Waheeda, the town sensation is in and very weary and aching hearts mostly middle aged stealing sinful glances or a whole eyeing session.But well in the Caribbean is all fun ! I think Bhojpuri double entendres or the more explicit ones would be quite in the same street only,very overt but as garish shall we say! At home these would be exhibited in front of male only audiences perhaps….

  2. Sunil, you’ve made some interesting comparisons. And I’ll always welcome a scene of Waheeda Rehman dancing in Teesri Kasam!

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