6 comments on “Ten Songs with Lata Mangeshkar Singing for Padmini

  1. I haven’t heard and/or watched a couple of these songs before, Richard, so thank you for introducing me to them. God, Padmini could dance, couldn’t she? :)

  2. I echo Anu here, Richard: some of these were new to me, too, so thank you for introducing me to them. And I echo Anu again (I do have some original thoughts now and then, but right now, I cannot help but repeat what Anu writes) – Padmini could dance! My favourite of her songs, I’m happy to see, is in your list – Na dir dheem. Lovely one.

  3. Madhu, I’m happy to see you echoing Anu’s nice comments above! And you are welcome, too.

    “Na Dir Dim” is a great one (or “Na Dir Dheem,” as you wrote it, which is probably more accurate). And not only is it included in this list; it’s also represented in the current (and oft repeated) image header.

    It is really difficult to name a favorite… “Na Dir Dim” is definitely in my top five of the ten (and the video quality certainly rates the best). I guess that at least right now (and other times, on and off :) ), my favorite is the one I sent to your recent talking-to-Krishna list, “Jaa Re Saanwale Salone Natkhat Banwaari.”

    But I’m talking about favorites for this list, which means among her songs sung by Lata. I’m not even going to start thinking about all the ones sung by Asha, the ones sung by Geeta Dutt, or the ones sung by P. Leela or P. Susheela. :)

    P.S. I’m thinking of “favorite” here in terms of favorite Padmini dancing/acting scene and the song that went with it. Actually, for the song alone, my favorite might be “Jhanan Jhan Jhna Ke Apni Payal.”

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