5 comments on “Another Mujra in a Different Kitchen

  1. Eight days after you published this post is probably not the best of times to be commenting on it, but I’ve been coming by everyday and noticing that no-one commented, so I thought I should – just to say how clever I think that headline is. ;-) I have never watched a cinematic adaptation of Evita, but I’ve seen it performed on stage and love the songs.

    Talking of this post, though, my initial thought was of songs picturised (in cinema) in unlikely, domestic, settings. Not even a heroine wandering dreamily through her home, or sitting at a piano, arranging flowers and so on, but actually going about housework while singing. And not heroines, either – Kishore Kumar does an interesting job in Bandi here:

    I haven’t watched any of the videos you’ve posted (I am a little rushed these days), but I read up what you wrote about them. I think that’s a nice little way of doing a dance – in surroundings that may seem a little incongruous, but actually aren’t…

  2. Madhu, I thought the title was clever, too, but it was not clever in the way that you thought.

    The title of this blog was based on a 1978 album by a punk rock band called The Buzzcocks called Another Music In A Different Kitchen. Evita first became a hit musical in England in that same year, 1978, so this band was probably parodying the song that you’re thinking of, “Another Suitcase In Another Hall.” The credit that you want to give should go to them!

    My reference was more obscure and not as sophisticated. :) But I thought I was being awfully clever by taking a title that I knew and changing it to one that differed from it by only a couple of letters (not even words). And in this post, I make a reference to my old teenage fondness to punk music, too.

    There are other things I could have called this…

    I could easily have called this “Another Kuchipudi In A Different Kitchen,” especially since there was a time, a little more than eight years ago, when I put up a post that I called “Kamal Haasan’s Kitchen Kuchipudi…”:


    Your thoughts about a kitchen songs list is a nice idea. From old B&W Hindi films, I immediately thought of this:

    But, anyway, my mind was going in a somewhat different direction for this post. (I’m reminded of another time when you thought I was going to list construction songs… I should get back to song lists one day!)

  3. Ah. So I was barking up the wrong tree. But still, Richard. :-)

    Maybe I should do a ‘kitchen songs’ post. There might be some scope there for some fun songs. I can think of a couple of others.

    And yes, do some song lists someday! Always fun, especially as you tend to focus on a period I don’t know too much – so I always get to learn more.

  4. Well I certainly have taken waaaay too long to comment on this delightful post on one of my favorite content: household mujras, particularly those featuring refrigerators. I love the spectrum of the dances you posted and what do you think finally forced me to remember to finally post!? This new Nargis video that I was alerted to, “NARGIS LATEST HOT MUJRA” in my YouTube alerts. But what is the best part of this new video? Check out the curtain back drop to resemble a real home, featuring a kitchen and a very nice refrigerator. Enjoy!

  5. Thank you for the nice words, Suzy Sitaji! Even if you took four months, this is well worth it! I see that I have the Nargis video in my YouTube alerts, too, but it’s buried in a bunch of stuff, and I might have missed it if you hadn’t called attention to it… Yes, the curtain backdrop fits very nicely here. And I see a lot in the way of couches and chairs also. I also like the attire of the dancers and their color scheme! And Nargis’ dramatic expressions and gestures…especially right before the clapping break. (Now, that’s different – nice!) So nice to have Nargis back in the world of Pakistani mujras, even though it had to mean the end of her Canadian beauty salon. : )

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