7 comments on “And Happy Birthday to Another Big Reason I Got Drawn Into Hindi Films

  1. Nice! I know we differ on how we view Padmini, but Vyjyanthimala is someone I love a lot too. I like that she is, besides being a fabulous dancer, such a good actress – and so versatile, too. She manages to swing everything from the comedy of Asha to the deeply emotional, even angsty-ness of something like Devdas and Sadhna, to the rather more balanced New Delhi: she’s one of my favourites. And she did several roles which would’ve been considered pretty ‘bold’ for the time – Sadhna andPhoolon ki Sej included.

    Happy birthday, Vyjyanthimala! Thanks for this tribute, Richard. I enjoyed it a lot. :-)

  2. Thank you, Madhu. It’s very nice to see that you enjoyed this one so much! You are right re. her versatility – which she had in dance as well as in acting. Of the movies you mentioned, I have never seen Phoolon ki Sej – though I am familiar with her dance with Gopi Krishna. I will have to watch that one sometime.

  3. Phoolon ki Sej isn’t a great movie, Richard. But yes, as an unwed mother, Vyjyanthimala did act in a role I don’t think too many of her contemporaries would’ve accepted. The film had some good music.

    Talking of Vyjyanthimala being versatile in her dancing, I couldn’t resist posting this one. No, Tu mera main teri duniya jale toh jale doesn’t showcase her skill at Indian classical (or folk) dance, but still…

  4. Yes, that is good! :) I’ve seen this dance, but not for a while. (I haven’t seen the film.) The whole crowd is pretty good here.

  5. Yes… I am not a big Dharmendra follower, but I’ve seen enough to get the impression that when that happens, it doesn’t turn out too well. : )

  6. “but I’ve seen enough to get the impression that when that happens, it doesn’t turn out too well. : )

    You bet it doesn’t. :-D

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