3 comments on “Dhanak (2015)

  1. Richard,
    Thanks a lot for your long review. The film seems to have passed by India unnoticed. Now I will have to be on the lookout for this film. Thanks for a very nice write-up.

  2. I’ll echo AK here, Richard: this film seems to have passed by India unnoticed. I may have come across a mention of the name, but I couldn’t be certain (and, who knows, it could be that my memory of its name comes from reading your blog!) It sounds just like the sort of movie I’d like. Will certainly look out for it. Thanks for the review!

    Incidentally, the boy’s rendition of Lal meri pat put me in mind – not surprisingly – of a long-ago rendition I’d heard on TV by a group of Rajasthani folk singers. Amazing.

  3. You’re welcome, AK and Madhu! I’m sorry to see that Dhanak wasn’t noticed in India. I guess it never made it much past the international awards festivals. (It had received its first children’s film award in Germany.)

    Well, I hope you find it easily enough and enjoy it as much as I did.

    Madhu, regarding the boy’s singing… Yes, that was powerful, and Rajasthani folk singing can be pretty great. I still fondly remember a live show that I saw by a Rajasthani folk group in Manhattan, in Central Park, 21 years ago. It inspired me to pick up a couple of CDs to become better acquainted with those sounds. This was actually a while before I delved much into old Hindi film music. : )

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