4 comments on “Uday Shankar’s Kalpana (1948) – Restored, with English Subtitles, and on YouTube!

  1. Ah. Ah. :-) Thank you for telling me about this! I don’t think I’ve ever come across even an unsubbed version anywhere, so this is something I’ve bookmarked, and hope to watch in the not-too-distant future! It sounds worth a watch.

  2. Dear Richard,

    Finally, indeed. And you are right. Indiancine.ma is a sister website of pad.ma. I was associated with both for a while. Initially we started archiving non-copyrighted Indian films on pad.ma, but the site was getting too cluttered since the intention was to source in information from both Imdb and Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema. Finally a separate platform, exclusively for feature films was created and thus indiancine.ma was born to bring together cinephiles and cinema scholars. There were several research projects rolled out initially to create a substantial body of subtitled and annotated films but as it happens with most cases, funds ran dry soon enough. Now one has to depend on the goodwill and ‘free time’ of interested people to annotate the huge body of films left out.


  3. Pritha, so you have been directly involved in these projects… That is interesting. Thank you for confirming the connection for me. And thank you for continuing to send in your informative comments along with love too. :)

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