5 comments on “Some Nice Film and Dance References to the last Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah (plus some other things)

  1. Interesting post, this, Richard! Thank you. (And I would certainly recommend Shatranj ke Khiladi – it’s an excellent satire on the placidity and insularity of Awadh and its obsession with what it considered an elegant life).

    I do not have a dance reference to Wajid Ali Shah to offer, but a song which was written by him when he was exiled to Calcutta and missed his native Awadh. Sung here by KL Saigal, Baabul mora naihar chhooto hi jaaye:

  2. Madhu, thank you for this video of K.L. Saigal in Street Singer! (As you know, I have not only seen the songs from this film but also looked at a DVD of the whole film (AK knows about that too ;) ) – but without subtitles, I didn’t quite always know what was going on. :) ) And I haven’t seen this video before (explicitly mentioning the source as Wajid Ali Shah). I see there is another version of the song in the latter part – sung by Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh in Aaviskhar. This is great!

  3. You’re welcome, Richard. I guess most people don’t mention the source of this song explicitly as being Wajid Ali Shah, but that seems to be the popular notion. I like to think so! – the sentiments of the song, of a bride who’s leaving her father’s home to go to her husband’s, far away, echo that of the exiled Nawab pretty well.

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