13 comments on ““Quarantine” or “Lockdown” Dances (in other words, more dances in people’s homes)

  1. What an interesting post. :) All the more interesting because there’s two degree of separation between Methil Devilka and me. Her sister, Radhika, is a good friend. :)

  2. Hi, Anu. Thank you for that interesting bit of information regarding your good friend’s sister. :) (Wow, that is a bit uncanny, isn’t it?)

    Thanks also for the information that the second dancer in that later video is “certainly not” Khushi. I had researched this video and pic, trying to figure out the identity of the second dancer. I don’t think I found it under a video, but I found the pic somewhere of the same scene with the second dancer being identified as Khushi. (If I had found no information identifying her, I would have left that information out.) But I have just looked for more information regarding Khushi, and I saw that her height is listed as 5′ 8″. I don’t think the girl in that pic is 5′ 8″ tall! She might be a bit younger than Khushi, too.

    I will change the information in the post today. But I guess I’ll leave in these comments, not hiding the fact that I screwed up at first. :)

  3. I was reminded of this post of yours for the oddest of reasons today, Richard. My six-year old daughter’s online school classes finally began today, and the very first class was a dance class. So we had our little one doing her moves right there, standing next to the dining table, with the laptop open in front. :-)

  4. And now for a new development regarding the Janhvi Kapoor video: Swarup of Gaddeswarup’s Blog wrote to me over e-mail that (based on comments on another copy of the video on YouTube and follow-up research that he did) the second dancer “might be” Jahnvi’s choreographer and dance teacher/trainer, Charvi Bhardwaj. I looked into this a little further, and based on pics and video clips, I think it is safe to say that that is who it is! I will change this information in the main post, too. (By the way, contrary to something else I said, she is obviously older than Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor – even though she is also shorter. :) I think I’ve gotten everything right now.)

  5. Hii this is Shivani Mhatre ,you mentioned my Bharatnatyam dance video On your blog by which was so impressed and thankful to you. Probably when i started my channel i had a lot of things to upload, but few things pushed be back … worrying about whether people will like my videos or not , because I follow a lot of professional dancers and obviously they are above me
    But because of getting my video added on this blog made a lot more encouraged, and I recently filmed a new video wearing Bharatnatyam costume.
    This is a comment just to Thank you once again.
    You can check my latest video here – https://youtu.be/dckTNr8oNhk
    Or on my YouTube channel- Shivani Mhatre

  6. Hello, Shivani Mhatre. Thank you for sending in such a nice comment to my blog. I am very happy to see that you were encouraged by the inclusion of your video in this post – that is encouraging to me! And I am also glad that you were not bothered by my slight misspelling of your name, which I have just corrected. :) (I guess there were a few things that I needed to iron out in this post after I put it up!)

    Thank you also for the link to your new, longer dance to “Breathless” in full Bharatanatyam costume. (Ah, yes, you had mentioned an upcoming Part 2.) It was nice to see that, and I hope I will have the chance to see more videos on your channel soon!

  7. Richard, I thought I should share this here. A blog reader posted a link on my blog to a remake of ‘Lipstick lagaanewaale’, done by the alumni of the School of Planning and Architecture. The ‘actors’ are all dancing and lip-syncing in their own homes, of course, and while there’s not much dancing, I thought this was so well done. And I loved that they haven’t interfered with the original song.

  8. Thank you, Madhu – that one is nicely done! By the way, I noticed that on YouTube there are now several videos containing covers of this number as the “perfect song for lockdown.” (It’s worth having a look at the others, though I am not going to copy them; for here, I think the one above will do. :) ) I guess more than a couple of people had that idea in mind! But you pointed out the appropriateness to the lockdown moment before any of these videos, since your post Lockdown Lyrics: Songs for Covid-19 Times is more than five weeks old.

    And by the way, I did a quick search to see if anyone else had done something on this song in the blog world, plus, I wondered if there was a full English translation around. I didn’t find an English translation or a mention of this song in any post that you had not written – but I did stumble upon a mention of the song in another list that you had posted, four years earlier. :)

  9. “I didn’t find an English translation or a mention of this song in any post that you had not written – but I did stumble upon a mention of the song in another list that you had posted, four years earlier. :)

    Hehe. I seem to be inordinately fond of this song! I love Shamshad Begum’s voice, and the humour of the song – the cheeriness with which this group of women have embraced their fate – always brings a smile to my face.

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