2 comments on ““Discovering” Neha Bhasin (especially when she sings old, classic songs)

  1. This was wonderful, Richard. I love the earthy, non-screechiness of her voice. :-) Loved all the songs you’ve chosen, though I especially liked her rendition of Lathe di chaadar. I can’t tell whether she’s cycling through parts of South Delhi or not – it looked like it was, but there’s a part later where there are lots of palm trees, and it began to look like Bombay to me.

  2. Madhu, I am very pleased to see that you also love these performances. And I agree about the “earthy, non-sceechiness” of her voice! Plus, when I think about it, I realize that I also have returned to “Lathe Di Chadar” more than any of the other clips.

    You have confirmed my thoughts about the location too – even though that means still being unsure of where this is. :) I thought it made sense for it to be Delhi. That is her home town, and I have seen parts of Delhi in videos and film footage which would match some of what I see here (though I would not have been able to narrow the label down to “South Delhi”). But, on the other hand, I also thought it could be Bombay, partly because that’s where the Bollywood film industry is centered… But also because I know about those Bombay palm trees and have seen them quite a bit in films, too!

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