6 comments on “Tributes to Bollyviewer (RIP)

  1. Thanks for this, I had no idea! I have fond memories of Bollyviewer-ji from when I was a more active blogger. RIP

  2. You’re so right, Richard; she did make an effort to encourage others. This is such a touching tribute. RIP, Bollyviewer.

  3. Hello, Suzy/Sitaji. You’re welcome. I am glad that you were able to find this out from me – even though, on the other hand, I am sorry about bringing you such depressing news. :(

  4. And hello, Madhu. Thank you for the nice words about my tribute here – even though it seems to me that I am merely echoing some of the things that you and Anu already wrote (which is one reason I thought that the main thing I should do here is link to your posts). But as you said in your post, I did feel a need to write something. And it is good to inform as many people as possible, especially among those who also appreciated Bollyviewer’s contributions.

  5. Madhu said what I feel, Richard. Thank you for this tribute… she was very, very encouraging indeed, and she will definitely be missed.

    Thank you also for linking to our tributes.

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