8 comments on “RIP, Lata Mangeshkar – and everyone can expect my real tribute/song list soon.

  1. I can only be glad that she left her voice behind for us to enjoy, Richard. There’s been a strange feeling of emptiness ever since I heard the news.

    Awaiting your tribute list with eagerness.

  2. Dear Richard ji,

    The image header is also appropriate for this Song of MAHAL (boat @ 0:30)

    By the way, whilst the year 1949 is mentioned against the Film, MAHAL was actually relased in 1950.

    This is an extract of an Article written by Film Historian NALIN SHAH in FILMFARE (July 16-31, 1987) and sent to me by Arun Kumar Deshmukh ji

    ” When ‘Mahal’ was released on October 13, 1950 at Bombay’s Roxy cinema to overwhelming response, Khemchand Prakash wasn’t alive to see the fruits of his labour. He had died two months earlier at the Harkisondas Hospital–on August 10, 1950–at the young age of 42.”

    Shri Deshmukh ji clarified that although the Film was certified in 1949, its actual release was on the date mentioned above.

    With warm regards


  3. Partha ji, thank you for the clip of “Dil Ne Phir Yad Kiya.” Yes, I know that scene and song well, and I do like the song a lot, too. Mahal is one of my favorite old Hindi films and one of the few that I’ve watched multiple times. I played through that song too when I thought about screen capping the boat image, but it’s not quite the same there. There’s more of a glowing light around the boat in the “Aayega Anewala” scene and the image of Madhubala is blurrier. That shot is more, well, ghostly.

    Regarding the date for Mahal, well, it was officially dated 1949 (“certified,” as you said), and everybody cites it as a film from 1949. So, I’m going to keep referring to it that way. If there were an overwhelming movement to change the date to 1950 :), I’d go along. I know that Arunkumar Deshmukh likes to correct common misconceptions regarding old Hindi films and actors (he’s actually done so directly in past comments to this blog too), and I appreciate that he can come up with so many interesting tidbits of information… But I think I’m just going to keep this particular fact on the side for now.

    It’s a shame about Khemchand Prakash – I mean that he died before the film’s release… This soundtrack is fantastic. I actually listened to the soundtrack a lot before I watched the film (I downloaded it close to 15 years ago when it was offered up at the old blog Parties, Sarees and Melodies.) I’ve also introduced the Mahal soundtrack to people who knew very little about Hindi film music and they became fans. :)

  4. Anu, I know that Lata’s death touched you very personally. I read your blog post – and I want to go back to it again soon. As often is the case, your post was quite moving and since I had the chance only to look at it quickly, I plan to spend a little more time with it. As I said, though, Lata does not have the same connections for me – no childhood memories, no parents to remind me of (which is just as well, because I don’t want any more reminders of my own parent’s deaths, to be honest). But as I also said, I do find this quite sad nonetheless.

  5. Madhu, thanks once again for your encouragement!

    I also looked at your list and tribute yesterday and, of course, I liked it and I plan to comment over there soon. (If not right away, then later in the day, after I get some sleep. It’s 3:30 am here in New York City. You wouldn’t know it from the time stamp, but that’s always several hours ahead… It was that way when I started my blog and I decided to leave it since it splits the difference between the time zones of the two places where most of this blog’s readers reside. :) I guess I’m digressing, but I’ve always wanted to mention that somewhere, because I know people must be wondering. :) )

  6. By coincidence, I happened to rewatch “Mahal” just last week–but then again, what are the odds of any given week passing by without some Lata soundtrack or other to punctuate it?

    I will look forward to your planned post.

  7. Shelomit, I am glad to see that you also are inclined to watch Mahal multiple times. :) I hope you enjoyed the re-watch last week!

    And thank you for the nice word about looking forward to my post. I am afraid it’s going to be a few more days because my time is being unexpectedly heavily consumed by far less interesting endeavors directly related to earning the rent. But I will get to it!

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