6 comments on “A Birth Anniversary Tribute to Nazia Hassan (and a few words about singers from Sindh)

  1. Thanks for introducing me to these. I had some vague notion of Nazia’s life story, but could not have named a song of hers besides “Aap Jaisa Koi” (a selection that might fairly be classified as a mode of torture). It was lovely to see not only the joy she apparently took in performing, but the pleased reactions of the audiences in a couple of these videos.

  2. You’re welcome, Shelomit…. So you think “Aap Jaisa Koi” Is “a mode of torture”? LOL I like it; it’s certainly catchy (notwithstanding the dated kitsch aspect, especially in the film scene). But all opinions are welcome here! And I’m glad you liked being introduced to the other songs… That was an interesting observation regarding the joy that she took in performing and the joy the audience apparently took in watching her perform. Yes!

  3. It’s the echo/reverb effect that I cannot stand in that song. The poor girl sounds like she’s fallen down a well! So I didn’t bother re-listening to “Aap Jaisa Koi,” but the rest of them I heard and enjoyed very much.

  4. Coming very late to this post, and it was interesting to see a lot of Nazia’s songs here. Interesting, because my teenager has recently taken a great liking to her songs and introduced me to many of the songs you listed here that I hadn’t heard before.

  5. Anu, nice to see your comment! And I wouldn’t call this late at all, by the way. (Late is when someone sends a comment in 2022 for a post that I wrote in 2009. But I’m always OK with that sort of thing too.)

    It is interesting that your teenager recently took a new liking to the songs of Nazia Hassan – and more interesting that many of the songs that he introduced you to were also on this list. I say that because I thought my list might appear somewhat random. Beyond a couple of her hits, I didn’t have any idea whether the songs I noticed most were also ones that many other people liked the most too. And after this post, I happened upon other ones that a lot of other people apparently liked that I hadn’t even thought about for this list (some of them being songs that I hadn’t even known, actually).

    So, anyway, nice coincidence there. :)

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