12 comments on “Fifteen Years!

  1. I do hope you’re not going to call it quits for this blog anytime soon, Richard! I may not always comment (and, to be truthful, there are some posts I do not read), but whatever I do read on your blog, I find insightful, informative, and often entertaining. Happy 15th!

  2. Many thanks, Madhu. Although you started your blog a year later(?) and I don’t think we communicated in the blogging world until sometime in 2009 (I might actually check my comments history to confirm that a little later, as I think I have done before :) ), you may count Dustedoff among the blogs I referred to when I mentioned in one paragraph above how much other blogs and bloggers helped to educate me as this blog progressed. (Plus, of course, your posts are often quite a pleasure to read also.) As for not reading or commenting on all of my posts, you certainly do comment on a lot of them – more often, I think, than anyone else does (and it has probably been that way for a few years).

    Time is always too limited for some reason or another, so I understand how it is not possible for us to read all of each other’s posts. Though I read more of yours than you might realize; it’s just that I am not as conscientious as you about commenting on things. :)

    Anyway, yes, I hope to keep posting even after all this time (even if I do complain about slowing down or needing to change my approach and even if I wonder now and then where this is going), and I hope that I will continue to get all these good comments from you!

  3. Happy 15th anniversary, Richard.
    It’s always been a pleasure reading your posts. Your posts are always informative, insightful. Please continue the journey.
    Recently my blog turned 5. And I’m not at all sure if I would ever be able to continue till 15th!
    Great going


  4. Thank you, Anup. Your blog is also near the top in terms of the ones that I read most (if not always in the most timely manner ;) ), and it’s also a pleasure to read your posts. In a relatively short time, you have already written comprehensive posts about quite a few of my favorite Hindi film singers and dancers!

    Congratulations on your blog’s own fifth anniversary. Now I am finally glancing at *your* anniversary post from a couple of weeks ago, but I will have to get into that more thoroughly a little later – probably within the next couple of days. (And since it includes all those nice semi-classical Lata Mangeshkar songs, I know I will enjoy it!)

  5. That’s so amazing. Congratulations on 15 years.  I always save your emails to go back to them on a day when I have time.

    Dr. H. Murty Shanti Consulting Body, Mind, Spirit Fitness Solutions http://www.getshanti.com

  6. Congratulations, Richard. I wasn’t around, which is why I didn’t comment immediately. As Madhu says, please don’t quit. There’s a paucity of good blogs on Indian films these days… and I do try and comment as much as I can… :)

  7. Richard,
    I don’t know how I missed your anniversary post, but it seems you have not yet written another post after this. I think my congratulations would not be drowned in later posts and comments. I need to specially thank you because you are a must go-to place for me because I get a lot of new things from you. One for example is, the dancers in ‘O janewale baalamua’ and the way you did your research. I hope you continue writing.

  8. Hi, Ak. Many thanks for the congratulations and for those very encouraging words of thanks on your part – of course, you are very welcome.

    I regret that I still haven’t gotten another post out yet (though I might soon), but it certainly is a consolation to see that – as you were saying – this provided you a chance to post such a nice comment without it being drowned out, etc. :)

  9. Oh dear, I missed the happy date! Many congratulations on your perseverance with this blog. Although I enjoyed your explanations regarding why your favored topics have changed over the years, writing what you want to write requires no apology. Changing interests are the evidence of a still-inquisitive mind, after all. And I like kathak more than bharatnatyam, so things have worked out well for me at present ( ;

  10. Shelomit, thank you for the congratulations! And I do like what you said about changing interests… Though I can’t see my love for kathak changing; I think I’ve pretty much settled on that. Hopefully, that should give you some incentive to continue stopping by here for a long time. :)

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