4 comments on “Back to Roshan Kumari! Words on an interview published just over a month ago and some newly found videos

  1. What a cavalcade of news! Congratulations on your and your readers’ correct apprehension of Kumari’s birth year ( ;

    I greatly enjoyed reading the article–thank goodness Khuranna was so persistent in charming her reluctant interviewee. I had no clue that Kumari had choreographed “Lekin,” one of my very favorite films. And it makes perfect sense that a kathak practitioner’s interest in dance would come from the starting point of rhythm/percussion.

    It’s a shame that people–a category in which I have to include myself–so rarely think to acknowledge how crucially instrumentalists like Fakir Mohammad contribute to the music we love. What would “Ko Sagar Dil Ko” be without that tabla part?

  2. Shelomit, thank you for your good comments on my cavalcade of news! As well as the congratulations for our success at doing what Wikipedia couldn’t and figuring out Roshan Kumari’s birth year. :) I’m glad that you read the whole article, too, and apparently enjoyed it as much as I did.

    I must see Lekin sometime. (Once we get past the Golden Age, it is shocking how many Hindi films I haven’t seen. :) ) I just briefly looked for some videos from the film… So, it is pretty obvious that Roshan Kumari choreographed a kathak dance for Hema Malini. Very interesting…

    It’s true that instrumentalists just don’t get acknowledged all that much. It’s probably doubly true for percussionists. There should be a list of percussionists who contributed to great film songs. Hmm…

  3. That “Jhoothe Naina” picturized on Hema is the only dance in the film, I’m afraid. The songs by Hridaynath Mangeshkar are all extremely lovely–a little bit classical, a little bit Rajasthani folk style.

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