4 comments on “Going Full Circle – Back to Indian Electronica (Sort Of)

  1. Oof, WordPress ate my first attempt at a comment ) :< Let's try again.

    Electronica is a bit of a blind spot for me, so thanks for introducing me to some new sounds! I like the timbral richness you can often get with synths, but at the same time tend to miss the harmonic "warmth" of acoustic instruments. The Gaitonde sibs' music strikes a nice balance–synths in the back, voice up front. And man oh man, this Vasuda Sharma! What a treat her songs are, and even more so getting to see her layer them up. A rising star, I hope!

    Writing this made me realize I never commented on your qalandars post. Suffice to say I enjoyed it much, and a couple of those selections have entered my regular listening rotation!

  2. Hi, Shelomit. Thank you for the nice comments!

    I like your line about “timbral richness” with synths and “harmonic ‘warmth’ of acoustic instruments.” You put that very well.

    And it is so nice to see that you agree with me so much with regard to Vasuda Sharma!

    Thank you also for the word about my Qalandars post. (By the way, I’ve written a few which might be called that, but I am assuming you mean the most recent one, with the Noor Jehan songs.) It’s OK that you didn’t comment when I wrote it, because what you are telling me now is well worth the wait. :) It’s great to know that a couple of those songs are in your regular listening rotation. (I am curious now regarding which ones, but I’d be equally happy to see people regularly rotating any of them!)

  3. Like Shelomit, electronic beats are a bit beyond what I usually enjoy though a synth used well is, well, not a bad thing at all. I do love the richness and ‘full-bodied-ness’ (if that’s even a word!) of acoustic instruments, and while today’s technology has really moved the synth sound from its intrinsic ‘tinniness’, it still leaves me yearning for the ‘old days’. (Nothing reminds you that you are an ‘old’ person as talking about the ‘old days’!)
    That said, the wealth of talent out there, both vocalists and musicians is outstanding. I’m always discovering new voices/melodies on YouTube, and this post introduced me to a few more. :)

    (Now, if you would only stop fidgeting with your old posts, my blog roll will continue to behave. :) :) )

  4. Hi, Anu. It certainly is nice to see that though you are not a fan of electronic beats, you also actually like the talents that I pointed out in this post!

    I’m more stuck on “old days” when it comes to films than to videos. Though I don’t know if it has anything to do with personal nostalgia since most of the films I will gravitate toward were made before I was born (and made far away from the place where I was born, too). But my finds in music and dance performances can more often be contemporary. Like you, I’ve just been finding a lot of good voices and melodies on YouTube, and then sometimes I focus on a particular name and search for other things which that person has done, do a little research, etc.

    A while back, I had other kinds of sources… I used to buy stuff and I used to go dancing in clubs (but that was long ago, since I’m really old :) )… And during the prior millennium, I also was a part-time pop/rock music critic, writing reviews for several magazines that had a big focus on “alternative music.” (Most of that music originated in the U.S. or U.K., but as I mentioned, in certain areas, there were Indian influences that one could trace, etc. – though I really started tracing the influences later, in the ’00s.) So, I actually got a bunch of free stuff to review in the mail (yes, snail mail – and I got CDs and records and cassettes; that’s how long ago it was!). These days, though, I don’t know what I would do without YouTube! (Not that it’s a perfect company, and maybe it shouldn’t have such a monopoly or be so connected to Google, but let’s not get into all that.) (Incidentally, once in a while, I can find something on Vimeo. I’ll go to Dailymotion too, but usually it’s just to look for something that has disappeared from YouTube.)

    Meanwhile… I am glad that your blogroll is listing my current post again – no longer giving the impression that I haven’t written a new post in 12 or 14 years. LOL I can’t promise, though, that I won’t “fidget” with old posts… Often when I see through stats or the “Top Post” function in my sidebar that people are visiting an old post, I go to check it out to see how it looks these days, and if I see clips missing or even if I catch an error that I didn’t catch before, well, sorry, but I can’t help fixing it! But hopefully, I will pick up the pace of my current blog writing at some point so that my new posts will once again outweigh my “fidgets” with old stuff.

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