Yes, I decided this is it…  I have posted it before, possibly more than once, but I am even more impressed now…  I think it helped that I have seen it with these subtitles (errors notwithstanding).  I find the lyrics wrenching (though I don’t know anything about the lyricist – Moti?)…  The voice is so beautiful too, but as we’ve said here before, it’s not someone known most for films; it’s Surinder Kaur!  Music by C. Ramchandra – one of his great early works…  And Kamini Kaushal is certainly stunning here.  (Plus, a nice glimpse of Dilip – in the only scene where, for some reason, he is dressed like Nehru.)

Altogether, well, as I said, I think it is the number one broken-heart song!

P.S. And it doesn’t even have the phrase “dil toda” in it anywhere…  But so many songs do…  I am wondering if I should continue a numbered list of favorite broken-heart songs…  The problem is that I can’t find subtitles for some of the most beautiful songs, so I can’t really always compare lyrics.  And the pool to choose from would be kind of large…

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