8 comments on “Shalom Bollywood (2017) and some of the great old songs and dances sampled there

  1. Richard,
    This was an eye opener for me. I don’t know why they have blocked its viewing in India though it is available on Amazon Prime Video. Bollywood needs many such documentaries about Vintage Era. Since many films are not preserved, this is the second best way to know about those stars and films.

    Ruby Myers (Sulochana) graduated into a very graceful mother in many films of 50s and 60s, and even later. She was among those who had a smooth transition, and her earlier glamorous image didn’t come in the way.

    It seems Miss Rose faded away early. Perhaps for her transition into a ‘mother’ was difficult – you can’t be a mother as Miss Rose! ‘Nai Kahani’ reminded me of the immortal song by GM Durrani. Miss Rose is not acting or dancing, but it seems she is in the audience.

    I have to thank you profusely for this post.


  2. AK, you are very welcome. And thank you for the G.M. Durrani song clip! Yes, Miss Rose is in the audience. She is not dancing or saying anything, but I think we can still say that she is acting. :)

    I have seen Ruby Myers in two films from the late 1940s. There was Jugnu, and I also saw her in Shair.

    I saw that she was listed as being in Amrapali. I never did get to see that film, though (yet), but I have seen all the songs and dances that Vyjayanthimala appeared in. I should look to see if I can pick out Ruby Myers in any of those scenes.

    In Shalom Bollywood, we are treated to a glimpse of a scene from Julie, in 1975, that featured both Nadira and Ruby Myers. I knew that Nadira was in that film, but I didn’t know that Sulochana was in it, too. That’s another one I really should watch sometime.

    I didn’t really know before that Sulochana/Ruby Myers continued to be in films past the 1940s.

    It’s too bad that Shalom Bollywood was blocked from Amazon Prime in India. Might there be another way to watch it there?

    I don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime, but a friend of mine who does recorded it on a DVD and gave that to me. If you really want to see but absolutely can’t find it, maybe I can ship the DVD over to you. :)

  3. Richard,
    Thanks a lot for your kind offer, but I am sure there will be some easier way to watch it. In the digital world no one ships physical copy these days :)

  4. AK, I know that no one ships physical copies these days, but I’ve always been resistant to figuring out how to get files from a DVD to a share site that someone could then download from and that sort of thing. In fact, years ago, someone who wanted to get some of my Padmini films from me for one of his projects got very frustrated with me because I couldn’t follow his instructions on how to upload the files onto a share site and I insisted on mailing my DVDs. (There’s a slight chance that he could be reading this, so if he does, I hope he doesn’t mind that I mentioned that. :) ) But maybe I could also overcome those technical blocks that I have if given the right incentive…

  5. Richard,
    Thank you so much for the post. It was an eye opener for me too. The first song on the list features Pramila. Was she there in Beqasoor as Ajit’s elder brother’s wife?
    She acted quite well in thr film as a vampish character.


  6. You’re very welcome, too, Anup!

    Re. Beqasoor, yes, that’s right, Pramila was in that, too. I was trying to remember which other film(s) I had seen her in. I watched Beqasoor about five years ago. Now that you are bringing it to mind, yes, I kind of remember that she gave a good performance in that. But I just don’t remember the film that well, outside of the two great dance duets by Krishna Kumar and Madhubala. (Krishna Kumar was obviously far better than Madhubala in the dancing part, but Madhubala compensated here with tremendous cuteness.) And that fantastic music by Anil Biswas, with Lata and Rafi singing. I posted those dances on this blog, too, and with all the attention I paid to them, it kind of buried the rest of the film for me.

    I was thinking that I might have the subtitled DVD on the shelf somewhere, but now I realize that I probably took that one from the library. But Tom also posted the whole film to his Tommydan55 channel. That one’s not subtitled, so I can’t watch it quite as fully as I did the library copy, but I think I will skim through it sometime soon anyway and look for the Pramila parts. :)

  7. Oh yes!
    Pramila played a vamp in Beqasoor and quite a good performance. I liked the film too, though it’s sort of predictable. I was about to write a review, but later dropped the idea. Actually a half written review is there with me. I’ll complete it someday! Sooner than later. I finally settled for Saiyan with gorgeous Madhuabala again and wrote a review on my blog. Ive reviewed only a few films so far, may be six or so. If you are interested, go through them. But I’m not a expert yet in writing a film review.
    About the dances in Beqasoor, I agree Krshna Kumar does still the show, though Madhubala’s looks compensate for her not so good dancing ability.
    And, a correction, the dance stage performances were composed by Hansraj behl, the credits clearly mention it. You might have forgotten it, given that you watched it a few years back.


  8. Anup,

    Thanks for the correction re. the music credits. You are right that I had forgotten to mention Hansraj Behl because I had not seen the film in a while and I only remembered that the music director for the film was Anil Biswas. You are also right that in the credits at the beginning of the film, it says that the stage songs were by Hasraj Behl (or “Bahl,” as it is spelled there).

    When I list credits in a film, I usually don’t check the opening credits, but, rather, credits that I can find in listings and/or the credits on a DVD or in the online video – at least if I trust the person who posted the video, and I generally trust Tom about that. And he said that he was following the “opening credits” but that half of them were missing in his source (a “tape” from Surjit Singh), so he took credits from another source. Only, I saw the credits for the stage dances at the beginning of the film that he posted, so I am not quite sure why he didn’t type Hasraj Behl for both of them. For “Ankhiya Gulabi Jaise,” he typed, “Music: Hansraj Behl,” but for “Hans Ke Na Tir Chalaana,” he typed ” Music: Anil Biswas, Hansraj Behl.” :)

    Thank you for the invitation to read your reviews. I’ll take a look. I used to write reviews fairly often, and I know that people particularly liked a few of them, at least. But I got a little tired of writing straight reviews in more recent times, so, admittedly, I rarely do them anymore – especially not the kind of review that will comprise the whole post.

    I may come up with a reason why I haven’t written a straight review – as I did in this post – but ultimately, the biggest reason is probably that I don’t generally like writing them as much as I used to and I get more interested in the posts that I’m writing when I am doing a little something else. :) But, yes, it is always interesting to read straight reviews, too.

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