4 comments on “Gope’s Beautiful Jewish Wife, Latika

  1. Gope’s wife is pretty! I hadn’t realised that was who she was. And, happy birthday, Shamshad Begum. :-) Thanks for this, Richard.

  2. Madhu, you are welcome. And yes, Gope’s wife was pretty. I was thinking about a few scenes in films where Gope is mocked for pining for the pretty girl, because he is a fat slob. Though by the end, he seems to get the girl anyway. Maybe that’s how it happened with Latika. :)

    Swarup, thanks for the link. As you know (because you’re on Facebook), Ann sent me some links, too. I will get it all together for a post here soon.

  3. Madhu had posted the link to this post last week, but I never got around to taking a look until now. Thanks for this, Richard. Yes, she is really beautiful. And, Happy Birthday, Shamshadji.

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