6 comments on “About Those Mujras

  1. Hey, interesting post. I’ve just taken your lead and checked out some of Megha’s dancing. Have you seen Reema’s mujras? I spent too much time watching them on youtube last week. Maybe you’ve see them too. Here are a few links of Reema Khan, enjoy!

  2. Hi:

    Thanks for this place. i was looking more information about Mujra dance and i could find your place. Im dancer from Spain, i go to India a lot of times to learn indian dance and i could find Mujra dance and i love it. Now im started to dancing this kind of dance in Spain and people love it.

    I’m making much effort to revive this dance because it has a bad reputation but it is very difficoult, so It has been a real pleasure to find this site with most respects for this dance and it is not seen like porn or something like protitucion.

    Again, thanks a lot

  3. I’d love to know when you think the transition of the mujra went from a classic art form to a dirty dance? There’s not much on the history of the dance other than what I’ve seen on the internet. I agree that Megha is definitely one of the purer forms, I try not to wince when I just see bootie and boobie poppin in some of these other “mujra” videos.

  4. Zeenah, glad you stopped over. :) I see that you have an interesting blog, and I’ll probably add it to the blogroll soon.

    You asked a question that will take some time for me to answer, if I ever do. :) But I didn’t want to leave your comment sitting there for too long, so I thought I’d answer it partially for now.

    And, wow, you’ve commented on a really old post here, back from this blog’s infancy. Look, I think this is the first time I “met” Sita-ji! And I go on about the modern Punjabi sound, first having interest in it and then losing interest and saying that my interests have gone south… When more recently, I’ve gotten to like the Punjabi sound more than anything, just not the modern kind. :) I’ve learned a lot since I wrote this post and even the later comments… But still haven’t quite completely figured out the history of the mujra. :)

    I will say one thing I’ve learned that I didn’t know back then… I read this somewhere, that in Pakistan it’s expected that the mujra will have some classic (if not quite classical) element if it’s called such… And that the people who just put on a bad striptease and call it mujra are usually Briitish!

    I found a few things about this online, but… Looks as though I’ll have to find them again…

  5. Thank you very much, this is a very interesting post. I learn Indian dances and costumes. It is difficult to find information about this style, especially in Russian. Moreover, the Indians do not know the history and origins of dance. Or just do not want to share. A new generation of Indians – who is mostly my friends,They know only about the sexual aspect of the story and how it relates Bollywood.

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