7 comments on “Sandhya’s Real Sister, Vatsala Deshmukh

  1. Hi Richard, I am trying to get in touch with Sandhya ji. I am a dentist and we are conducting the fifth BITEIN Awards for the dental profession on the 13th of Dec, 2014. As part of the program we shall be doing an act on the great music of V.Shantaram films. I want to invite her as a guest of honor for the program. If you have any connections I would be very grateful to have them in order to reach out to Sandhya ji.


    Ajay Kakar

  2. Ajay, sorry for the long time in responding… I was hoping someone else might offer a suggestion. Unfortunately, I don’t have any such connections.

    I have read that Sandhya doesn’t make public appearances often. In fact, her appearance at an awards show in 2009 (which I also wrote about a while back) was mentioned as being “rare.” So maybe that is why nobody knows how to reach her to invite her to things. :) But maybe she’s been out and around more in the past few years. (It seems unlikely, but…who knows?)

  3. Real Good Information Richard..I was trying to find on Ranjana and her casting director for film Bin Kamacha Navra.

  4. I often watch V. Santaram’s movi and impressed with Sandhya, Jayshree and Vatshala’s role. Please convey my regards to them. I had cherished desire to meet them personally.

  5. If anybody reading this knows how to get in touch with Sandhya or Vatsala, please send along all these messages. :)

    Unfortunately, Jayashree has been deceased for eleven years.

    I wouldn’t know how to meet any of these people.

    By the way, I find it curious sometimes that some people have such a strong desire to personally meet their favorite people from the cinema (or their favorite music stars, etc.). I am usually content with having seen their dances or their acting and/or having heard their singing… It is nice to see a good interview sometimes, too, to get some insights. But I often don’t feel as though meeting these people personally will enhance my appreciation of their work. Sometimes, it might actually hinder it. :)

    I live in the U.S., and the only chance in recent memory that I had to meet a favorite star from the Indian cinema was when I almost went with a couple of other bloggers to meet Kamala Lakshman Narayan about a year ago… But I didn’t have good questions prepared, and it would have involved a fairly long trip on the commuter rail (which I wasn’t feeling up to), and I figured the other two would cover the interview well enough, so I bailed out. I have no regrets… I still like watching her dances, and I don’t think meeting her would have made any difference whatsoever where that is concerned. :)

    P.S. On the other hand, it could be nice to have a few meetings with a star to the point where you actually know her or him. (That’s assuming the person turns out to be nice and not some diva/egomaniac. LOL I’ve actually known people who were minor music stars here in the U.S., and the range of personality can be great – but they often can be quite complicated!) But anyway… For one meeting, just to say “I’m a big fan”? The idea never really appeals to me all that much. But maybe that’s because I’m an introvert.

  6. Just attended Daji Bhatwedkar award given to Vatsala Deshmukh .Get in touch with Dr Bhalerao of Sahitya Sang marathi theater in Kelewadi Charni Road Mumbai.Function was held on 25th Dec 2015

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