10 comments on “Some Mystery Singers and Dancers in Khazanchi (1941)

  1. Richard,
    I saw the movie recently at Tommydan’s site, and like you I too was mesmerised by the above dance-songs. You must have realised the inspiration of the male dancer in Tori aankhen hain. Does his get-up not bear an uncanny resemblance to Mumtaz Ali in Le lo choodiyan le lo from Achhut Kanya (1936)? Mumtaz Ali would, of course, follow it up in Basant, Jhoola, Shehnai etc.

    I would be following your blog for the answer to this mystery.


  2. Thanks, AK. It did occur to me that Mumtaz Ali was an influence. But regarding that Khazanchi dancer’s getup, the first thing I thought about was a scene in a movie made two years later, Sanjog – i.e., the guy who dances with Azurie. (His identity is also somewhat of a mystery.

    Under another version of that clip, someone suggested that maybe the dancer was Prem Dhawan, who danced in Singaar (1949). Speaking of which, look at Prem’s get-up there:

  3. Richard,
    The two dances are absolutely superb. The male dancers do seems to be the same person. Is this Prem Dhawan the famous lyricist/music director?

    One of the lady dancers in the second clip is obviously Cuckoo. Who are the other ladies?

    I found Sanjog an excellent farce and a well-scripted movie. With good songs to boot, it is surprising why this was not treated as Naushad’s first landmark film instead of Rattan, a year later.


  4. I like the cycle song a lot. Very melodious. I too though the male dancer could be Mumtaz Ali based solely on his style of dancing, but I think he isn’t. Like the way he moves his head from side to side.

  5. In Ari o mohe chhed diya, I think the male dancer is Surya Kumar, who later became quite famous as a choreographer.

    I’m as intrigued as the others about who the mystery dancers are. Hope you find out.

  6. Anu, you could be right about the male dancer. A few comments under the post say that it is Surya Kumar. But someone under the post from Sanjog said confidently that the dancer in “Ari O Mohe Chhed Gaya” was Prem Dhawan…while wondering if he could also be the dancer in “Kaun Gali Ka Chhora Pukare.”

    AK, yes, that is (or is not) Prem Dhawan, the lyricist/musical director. It’s conceivable that he could have been dancing, since he also was a dancer. (One biography that I looked at mentioned that he had learned classical dance from a former member of Uday Shankar’s troupe.)

    But I guess the majority opinion says that it isn’t him. I am not completely satisfied that this mystery has been solved, though. And I have no idea who the lady is who’s dancing with him and Cuckoo.

    So, we have more mysteries here. (But I am still wondering mainly about the songs in Khazanchi…)

    By the way, I agree that Sanjog was a great Naushad soundtrack. I downloaded an MP3 of the soundtrack several years ago and have been listening to it pretty often. I agree that it should have been Naushad’s landmark/breakthrough film, for the music alone. I have not actually watched the film, because I have not yet found it with English subtitles. But from all the clips I’ve seen, it looks very charming and funny. (From his slapstick alone, I can see that Charlie was hilarious.)

  7. Richard, you wrote that the female dancer in “Kaun Gali Ka Chhora Pukare” (Sanjog) is Azurie, and I want to believe that. But she does not seem to be credited in the film which is strange for a movie released in 1943 when she was already very famous. Do you have any indication that it’s her, besides the fact that she looks very much like Azurie?

    By the way, I don’t think that the male dancers in “Ari O Mohe Chhed Gaya” and “Kaun Gali Ka Chhora Pukare” are the same person because:
    – he looks much younger in Singaar (1949) than in Sanjog (1943)
    – their hair growth patterns are slightly different

  8. Hi, Mel. As I recall, in the comments below the clip for “Kaun Gali Ka Chhora Pukare,” someone asked who the dancer was and someone else responded that it was Azurie. There may have been another person confirming that, too. (Unfortunately, as you see, the clip is gone, and the comments have gone with it, too. But now that I have come back to this post and have seen that it is missing, I can put it at the top of the need-to-replace list.)

    Re. crediting, sometimes they just missed crediting the dancers in those days, even the famous dancers at their peak.

    Which brings me back to a favorite subject… In this dance from Dastan (1950), the female dancer wasn’t credited. Tom posted it about five years ago with a question mark for the dancers and then when he got suspended, he sent me a copy for my old YouTube channel, where I queried about it, too. I did that in 2010. Within the past year, someone replied that it was Cuckoo. I took another look, after a long time, and thought, who else could it be? But, no credits for her. (And this film is not even on your list, either.) That is Cuckoo, right?

  9. Hello Richard,

    On Azurie in Sanjog, thanks for confirming the comment on the youtube video. I also recall that comment, but when I looked at it recently to identify all available Azurie dances, I couldn’t find it anymore and thought that maybe I was mixing-up things.

    Sorry to contradict, but the south-Asian dancer in Dastan is definitively not Cuckoo. I don’t know who she is though.

  10. I gather from your saying “the south-Asian dancer” that the first clue is that she does not look Anglo enough… That is what I thought, too. But it’s not all that easy to see her face (at least not to me), and some of the movements are pretty Cuckoo-like. The guy who wrote in the comment under the video also seemed so certain. And he started to inform me in his comment who Cuckoo was, as though he was assuming that if I knew who she was, I would have recognized her. And I thought, maybe given some tricky costuming and makeup, she could be… Plus, he quickly confirmed my own guess about the male dancer, that it was Krishna Kumar. But, I’ll take your word for this, and let this be proof that the commenters on YouTube aren’t always as correct as they think they are. So, the comment re Azurie in the other video could have been wrong, too, but, no, I think that was right. :) Anyway, good, so now we can add the video I just posted to the list of dances with mystery dancers.

    P.S. I originally posed the question re. the Dastan snake dance on this blog on December 25, 2014, in my list for Naushad’s birthday. You actually commented on that post with information about Cuckoo (discussing her second appearance in color)… But you must have skipped over this dance. :)


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