9 comments on “Manichitrathazhu (Malayalam, 1993)

  1. Hi, Vishnu. I’m sorry I took so long to answer you; I’ve been meaning to say something sooner. But I really can’t help you much regarding subtitles. The subtitled movie was sent to me in a batch of three movies generously provided to me by an Internet friend whose YouTube site I used to visit a lot. (He was kicked off YouTube for the usual reasons.) I don’t really know anything about getting a file of subtitles and I don’t mess around with downloading files from DVDs that I have (if it even can be done – though I’ve never tried). Frankly, I’m kind of backward in this area of knowledge, and it would be a lot of work for me that I don’t have time for right now. (I just like writing about the movies, and posting a YouTube or Daily Motion clip or a screen cap once in a while.) I can inquire with my friend regarding where or how he got the subtitles, then get back to you about it, if you like. (If you’re still checking in…)

  2. Hi Richard, since Halloween is coming up, I’ve been watching the climax scene. As far as dancing, I also like Vineeth’s performance (especially in the Hindi version). And the song is very good in the Hindi version. The Tamil version is a little OTT (really did they have to show a headless male dancer doing a dance twitch).
    The Hindi and Tamil versions have Hollywood and western influences. Little things here and there–gore for instance is not part of the Indian scare story.

    Happy Halloween.

  3. Sophy, happy Halloween to you too. Nice to see that you are celebrating in such a perfect way!

    I’ve seen some of that gore in the Tamil version, though not the whole film. I’ve seen a few gory/violent things in Tamil films of the ’90s or later, now that I think about it – no longer just a Hollywood phenomenon. And I agree, it will only detract from the quality of a story like this one – less is more and vice versa.

  4. Richard, none of the remakes were any good, and that was not just the lack of Shobhana, but also Mohanlal and the director’s deft hand that kept the insanity in check. I’m glad you found a decently sub-titled DVD.

  5. Hey! I really doubt if you’d be interested in this discussion anymore. I chanced upon your blog post while reading up about this movie in general. I like your general perspective about it, but kindly let me disagree to your following statement, “Manichitrathazhu isn’t going to give you any deep thoughts or revelations about the world”.

    The movie urges me (really unsure of anyone else) to think, quite deeply, I believe, on various levels of the character development, the psyche of a person who’d go through a situation like this especially in such a setting (evoking deeper memories – working up the ‘ID’ – that was asleep for so long), the real world possibility of this, and the person being a woman many questions regarding the position the movie actually places the woman in, despite showcasing the movie as woman-centric.

    “Revelations about the world”.. Well, it talks about the attitudes of people belonging to various generations, and their take on a situation, depending on the extent to which they are exposed to a world other than their own. Generally being open to other possibilities..

    So, that’s that. Cheers!

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