7 comments on “Rajkumari on Honey O’Brian in Shokhiyan (1951)

  1. Great picture of our favourite Madam Zohrabai on the page-thanks for putting. She would get some popularisation which she deserves in your site.

  2. Vidur, yes it would be nice to find this picture… In addition to containing dances by Honey O’Brian, of course, we can see that it is a Suraiya film. :) And such wonderful vocals by Rajkumari too…

    You are welcome re. the Zohrabai picutre. (By the way, I posted that on the side bar once before, a while back. I also tried another picture out briefly, which might be better, but it was a bit big for the context, so I chose this one again – which is still nice.)

    And thanks for asking how I am…. I am OK, I have a cold right now, the first time in a long time, and as you know, life has been a bit complicated. :) But overall, I’m not in bad spirits – and I am very happy to be back New York City (I just needed a little time away to better appreciate this town. Though it would be nice to travel to another real city, somewhere else entirely, sometime soon…)

    BTW, I know that I have so far neglected an e-mail of yours… I really wanted to get started with the sharing idea, but it requires me to do something new technically, and that’s usually the sort of thing I put off first when things get complicated. :) But also, my connection upstate was not good and previous upload attempts had failed. Well, anyway, I guess I will get back to that idea, one of these days, “off-blog.”

  3. Best of luck for you to get well soon :)

    Honey O’ Brian was a great singer too and I saw Ek Thi Ladki, the film which she sang in, and it was really great and a rare comedy for its time. Meena Shorey was great, and Motilal was nice too. My favourite songs are the Zeenat Begum solo Ghatkari Matwari Ghir Aayi and Honey O’ Brian’s song, I also like other songs like the sweet Lara Lappa (all songs uploaded by vintagemelodies)

    If you want to upload videos, I would suggest Kate’s Video Cutter for VCDs and WinX DVD ripper for DVDs. You just have to mention input file (in the CD drive) and specify start and end times.

    I just realised how illegal uploading such songs was (most of my uploads now would be rare audios) I think we should send it by the mail, the way you like, and the safest, I think.

    Please share Mela; I can give you Khandan which you want. Please mention exactly names of other films you want (remember, I have only 3 K L Saigal films and no Kanan Devi films :( although they are available somewhere, I believe but failed finding :( )

  4. Harvey, thanks. Yes, I really dug that one (up). :)

    Vidur, thanks for the get-well wish (I’m “working on that” :) ) and the thoughts about the video cutter, etc. I’ll get back to that…

    Re. Ek Thi Ladki, I saw that about a month and a half ago. This is where I really noticed Honey O’Brian, although I had seen her before in Awara. I did a post with her songs from those two films, here:


    At first I used the Vintage Melodies clip, but then Tom (Tommydan1) made a better one:

    It is good to get some confirmation that it is Honey O’Brian herself singing. (As you can see at the YouTube clip, few people seem to know this for certain. I kind of thought it had to be…)

    By the way, I’m wondering if you could confirm also if Honey O’Brian is the dancer in this song from Afsana (since that is something else no one seems to be completely sure about):

    Regarding the Zeenat Begum song in Ek Thi Ladki, yes, the singing is really nice there. Unfortunately, the song didn’t stand out for me as much within the movie, but maybe that’s because it followed too soon after the classic (and marvelously picturized) “Lara Lappa.”

    I enjoyed Ek Thi Ladki for the most part, but I think it went a bit downhill (rushed. etc.) at the end. Dustedoff summed it up pretty well: http://dustedoff.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/ek-thi-ladki-1949/ ) I agree that Meena Shorey was great in this, and Motilal was very good too.

    But I wonder what Shokhiyan is like (getting back to the subject of this post :) )…

  5. Yes, it is Honey O’ Brian, you can recognise by the narrow space between eyes and eyebrows. I will make another elaborate post on Zeenat and write about almost all actors/actresses in songs with their stills soon. Hope you will like that, because it is a really rare film where Noor Jehan, Zohrabai and Kalyani appear in songs and also sing seperate stanzas for themselves.

    I hope that you will read my site (the one mentioned in the reply) more often

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