6 comments on “A Little About Tabla Master Zakir Hussain and His Kathak-Dancing Wife, Antonia Minnecola (who studied with Sitara Devi for three decades)

  1. What a find, Richard. I’ve been away from most blogs for a long time and have missed many of your earlier posts, but I wanted to comment on this one. My husband’s friend, Sanjay Diwecha, works closely with Zakir (you can see Sanjay’s work on YouTube as well), so we’ve attended quite a few concerts of Zakir’s here in Boston.

    I didn’t even realise that Zakir had accompanied his wife in any of her performances – which is rather silly of me, since it’s obvious he would. So this was a rather nice treat for me. Thank you.

    p.s. BTW, I added you again as a ‘trusted user’ on Disqus, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you shouldn’t have a problem signing in.

  2. Anu, you seem to have a lot of interesting connections at two or three degrees of separation. :) I recall that last April, you said that a dancer whom I wrote a little about in a post (looking this up now – that’s Methil Devika) was at two degrees of separation from you because her sister was a good friend of yours. And now I’ve learned here that your husband is friends with Sanjay Diwecha – apparently an acclaimed musician in his own right (jazz guitarist and more) – who happens to work closely with Zakir Hussain. It will be interesting to see if any other blog posts that I manage to put together in the near future turn up more people who have some connection with you. :)

    I am very glad to see that this post was a treat for you! As I said, I wish that I could discover more clips of Zakir and Toni performing together (maybe even ones that are technically a little better), but I also was happy to find the ones that I did.

    Anyway, thank you for adding me again as a “trusted user” at Disqus – and for keeping your fingers crossed about it. :)

  3. :) It is funny, isn’t it? Sanjay is a very old friend of my husband’s. Right from his college days.
    Have you watched this clip of Methil Devaki’s?

  4. Oh, I hadn’t seen that before . . . Now, that’s a snake dance! :) Her expressions are so good, especially in her eyes! (Nice to see such a clear picture, too, with good technical production.) I also found it to be very informative – thanks to the written description at the beginning, the subtitles, and the interview starting in the middle of the clip, after the dance. This gives us good stuff for the mind as well as the eyes (and ears). Thank you, Anu!

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