2 comments on “A Little About Tabla Master Zakir Hussain and His Kathak-Dancing Wife, Antonia Minnecola (who studied with Sitara Devi for three decades)

  1. What a find, Richard. I’ve been away from most blogs for a long time and have missed many of your earlier posts, but I wanted to comment on this one. My husband’s friend, Sanjay Diwecha, works closely with Zakir (you can see Sanjay’s work on YouTube as well), so we’ve attended quite a few concerts of Zakir’s here in Boston.

    I didn’t even realise that Zakir had accompanied his wife in any of her performances – which is rather silly of me, since it’s obvious he would. So this was a rather nice treat for me. Thank you.

    p.s. BTW, I added you again as a ‘trusted user’ on Disqus, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you shouldn’t have a problem signing in.

  2. Anu, you seem to have a lot of interesting connections at two or three degrees of separation. :) I recall that last April, you said that a dancer whom I wrote a little about in a post (looking this up now – that’s Methil Devika) was at two degrees of separation from you because her sister was a good friend of yours. And now I’ve learned here that your husband is friends with Sanjay Diwecha – apparently an acclaimed musician in his own right (jazz guitarist and more) – who happens to work closely with Zakir Hussain. It will be interesting to see if any other blog posts that I manage to put together in the near future turn up more people who have some connection with you. :)

    I am very glad to see that this post was a treat for you! As I said, I wish that I could discover more clips of Zakir and Toni performing together (maybe even ones that are technically a little better), but I also was happy to find the ones that I did.

    Anyway, thank you for adding me again as a “trusted user” at Disqus – and for keeping your fingers crossed about it. :)

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