4 comments on “Bangla Music: Suzana Ansar

  1. i love this…… suzana ansars voice, harmonium playing and comand, the music and the style… if all nazrul geeti was produced like this, then we can be assured in its longevity.

  2. Thanks, that is cool to see how different people use the song. It’s amazing how different cultures mixes somehow. Thanks again.

  3. Took a few days for me to get back to this (sorry), but I wanted to say you are welcome, and thank you for putting so much great music up on your blog – I’ve downloaded several albums from there already, and all of them are very nice.

  4. This girl has killer talent[= I love that song called “Oy Jolokey Cholelo”. I wish I understood it though, because it’s more complicated than regular Bengali :/


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