4 comments on “Nice Info on the Original Gypsies and Rajasthan

  1. That Rajasthani tourism page information was very interesting.
    I remember in college one of my cultural anthropology professors was doing a study on the gypsies. In particular I remember her making a comment that when the gypsies made their yearly migration through Rochester, MN, that the major department store there (called Dayton’s at the time) had to increase security due to the increased shoplifting. I always pictured the gypsies in the upscale store not only shoplifting but also stealing form the fancy medical tourists who come to the Mayo clinic in Rochester. Like some fancy Shah being pick pocketed while looking at cufflinks in a display case. I’ve only encountered gypsies in Europe, those “gitan” kids holding the cardboard signs up to your face while their little urchin friend tries to pick pocket you.

    I like this one best:

    Here’s another:

  2. That’s very funny – I thought of posting the same song myself!!

    That’s not the first time that I’ve thought of posting Cher clips either. My mind went back to Cher the times when I delved into Shaa’ir + Func, because Shaa’ir definitely has some 1960s or early ’70s Cher in her (when she’s not channeling ’70s Patti Smith). That really comes out in some interview footage I saw, but I also thought it showed a little in one of the song clips I posted a while back:


    I might even be a little of a closet Cher fan (might have something to do with the time when I grew up. ;)

    But back to the gypsies… (Oh, and by the way, after much vacillation, the proofreader in me has decided that the “g” definitely should be lower case…)

    I like that scenario about the gypsies picking the pockets of rich medical tourists!

    I’ve seen gypsies plenty of times in New York, but only in relation to commercial ventures associated with them, like fortune telling and that sort of thing, and probably sometimes they’re just faking the gypsy part in order to push the business. It’s true, the gypsies don’t seem to be that visible a presence outside of that context here in the U.S.

  3. I just typed a long(er) answer to this interesting comment on this very old post, but I accidentally deleted it. Maybe that’s an indication that I should not spend so much time and energy on this.

    KR, I am assuming that you are not a spammer or troller and are writing with genuine concern.

    If this is the case, I am sorry if some of our humor in the comments to this post offended your sensibilities. But if you find something here racist – and I assume it would be the comments here that you find racist, certainly not the post – then it would be more appropriate to say “these comments are racist,” not “you are incredibly racist.” Because, as far as I can tell, you don’t know much about me or my longtime blogging friend Sitaji, nor have you put much effort into reading our blogs. :)

    Anyway, I hope that my crossing over the line into political incorrectness would not stop you from, hypothetically, joining me in struggle against some of the real, serious forces and sources of oppression in this world.

    And by the way, when I said that “I like that scenario about the gypsies picking the pockets of rich medical tourists,” it was not a negative comment on gypsies, because I like the idea of anyone picking the pockets of rich medical tourists!

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