3 comments on “Kamala Lakshman – Indian Cinema’s First Great Bharatanatyam Dancer

  1. The other dancer is Kuchala Kumari who is also a famous dancing catress in Tamil and telugu movies. She is the relative to the first dream gilr of southern India T.R. Raja Kumari who is famously known as Chandralekha (1947) muslti language film produced by South India Movie Mughal S.S. Vasan ( gemini Studios)

  2. Deepa, thank you for the comments… Two years after I wrote the post above, I found an interview with Kuchala Kumari in which she talks about this danceoff. I posted an exceprt here:


    I did not know about her relationship to T.R. Raja Kumari (or else I had forgotten about it), so thanks for that information.

    I have written quite a bit about Kamala in the three and a half years since I wrote the post above. :)

    But Minai has written many more posts about Kamala, so if you haven’t seen her blog yet, you should go there:


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