12 comments on “On Tour In The U.S.: Queen Harish!

  1. Speaking of Queen Harish in a movie, last night I was watching “Shakti” online and I swear I saw Queen Harish in this clip at the 39 second spot:

    I couldn’t find confirmation, but didn’t search the internet that hard either. What do you think?

  2. I just posted the question directly to Queen Harish on her blog, so if she responds I’ll check back in with you. :)

  3. Yes, it does look a bit like Queen Harish, but I’m not 100 percent sure either. I searched the Internet a little, and I didn’t find any reference to an appearance here either. I’f it were Queen Harish, wouldn’t the clip appear on one of Queen Harish’s Web sites? Well, anyway, hope you get an answer soon. (If you don’t, it’s probably because the Queen Harish U.S. tour is in progress right now.)

  4. P.S. The film looks interesting… I’ll have to check out PyasaBadal’s channel too. Still picking through the best from Aishray’s channel. I saw Raaz yesterday, that also was pretty interesting, ’60s Bollywood Goth. Now I’ll be going back to watch the rest of Himmatwala…

  5. Yes Richard, I’m just going to finish watching “Shakti” tonight. The quality is poor,(subtitles are hard to read) but this movie is insane and I can’t stop watching no matter what the quality is! It’s like a rollercoaster. Nana Patankar’s character is spellbinding! Such a mentally unstable guy. He plays a fantastic villian in this. I’ll check out Aisray’s channel too. :)

  6. I started watching Raaz and realized I saw it about a year ago already. I didn’t remember until I saw that opening scene where the dad is murdered in front of the baby.

  7. Sita-ji, you’re welcome… Re. Raaz, well, I guess the opening scene is more memorable than the title. :) Hope you like some of the other selections here; I certainly did.

    I didn’t go to AishRay’s channel tonight because I saw that tomandocomando had posted half of Pakeezah (which we “spoke” about sometime ago – but I never got around to seeing the whole film rather than just the clips until now – or at least I watched half the film now…). Anyway, how could I not watch this? (Even if the picture quality is not so great here either.) Love the opening scenes, the incredible tragedy of it all, the slow suicide in the graveyard. (I’ve been telling a couple of people how Goth some of these old Indian movies really are.) And some great lines in this movie, just in the first half. Plus the songs, of course (which I’ve known for a while now)… I don’t know when the second half is going to be posted, but it’s not exactly leaving me with any feelings of great suspense (that is not one of this film’s qualities, not for me anyway), so I’ll wait.

    Back to AishRay’s channel in between or afterwards…

  8. Yes indeed some ARE quite goth, or “emo” as the kids say nowdays. :)
    I know Richard! The lines in these movies are incredible. It took me a while to get my mind around the group effort of creating these films and the dialogue writers are really a key. DIalogues run from, *WHAT? * , to clever, to outlandish, to beautifully poignant. When you think of the dialogue writers, music writers, lyricists, playback singers, choreographers, dancers, stunt men, animal trainers, special effects, action choreographers, custome designers, set designers, and all those people who execute the making of the clothing and sets, the directors, actors, producers…it’s mind blowing!
    I think it’s the extra layer of the improtance of the music, dancing and dialogue that makes the united efforts of this industry so dazzling. And when compared to our more predictable American cinema the Indian industry is so much more enjoyable and impressive to me.

  9. It should be no surprise that I absolutely agree. I had just about stopped being interested in movies (especially the movies I kept hearing about – whiich were mainly American movies) before I got into Bollywood and Kolllywood – and now…!

  10. Ditto Richard. I’ve mostly enjoyed older American movies and foreign films, but once I found Bollywood, movies are my biggest pasttime, or “time pass” as our Indian friends say. I’m trying to tread lightly around Kollywood, because I think it would consume me. I do dabble in it though. : )

  11. Yes its me !!!!
    a few years ago…
    thanks for your watchful eye!!!
    There are plenty other movies with a few seconds of me to discover… i should start organising a competition with who will bring the most entries!!

    From LA with love


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