4 comments on “Available on YouTube: Do Bigha Zamin with English Subtitles.

  1. Hi, Swarup. I haven’t read the article yet, but I can tell you that part of the music for this dance comes from the famous Hemant Kumar soundtrack for Nagin, (1954), starring Vyjayanthimala. There is also a film called Nagina, made in the miid ’80s, starring Sridevi, which involves major snake dances, worship, etc. But as someone actually told me here a while back, “Nagina” doesn’t mean snake; it means gem (right?) (And there is a magic, power-giving gem at the center of that plot, as I recall.) But since the music that I recognize is from Nagin and “Nagin” is the word for snake, I am thinking that maybe the Mayuri ensemble got confused regarding which word to use? .

  2. Richard,
    The music from Nagin is used in several films later on; I do not know whether it was common before. The words ‘ main teri dushman’ are from the Nagina song which also seems to be a hit, according to the Wikipedia article. I think, but am not sure, Nagina is used in the film for snake- woman, though the original meaning in Arabic(?) is gem.

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