11 comments on “Ten Of My Favorite Khawaja Khurshid Anwar Songs Sung By Noor Jehan (Happy 101st Birthday, Khawaja Khurshid Anwar!)

  1. totally unrelated but thought there might be a category for this (kamal hassan in sagara sangamum)
    all best

  2. Bebenanno (aka Bawa, I presume), thank you for the nice words re. my selections. I am very happy to see that you liked these so much!

    Ann, good to “hear” from you (it’s been a while). But unrelated is right – taking us a bit south of this post, aren’t you? :) Anyway, yes, that was a good film, and I know I have posted from it more than once – but using my own search engine, I can find only one related post so far:


    As for “category,” I am not sure what you mean. I started out using the category function years ago, but then I decided later just to let everything be “uncategorized.”

  3. Excellent selection from my favourite musical combo of Noor Jehan and Khurshid Anwar. ‘Sagar Roye’ is my ultimate favourite song of all time. A top 10 list is always difficult when you have such a vast selection to choose from. I would probably include ‘Jane Kal Talak Teri Hayat’ from Hamraz – fantastic composition, situation and lyrics. One of my favourites from Ghoonghat is ‘Pal Pal Mera Jee Ghabraye’, the voice and melody just draws you into melting into the song – i can’t describe the feeling but that’s the best that I could do. I would also need at least one song from Heer Ranjha in my top 10 and it would have to be ‘Sun Wanjhli Di’ just for the flute pieces :)

    I just wanted to correct one thing though – ‘Sunje Dil Waley Booe’ from Mirza Jatt is not a Khurshid Anwar composition. This film had Rashid Attre as the composer.

  4. Jamal, thank you for your comments and for correcting my error. I had actually looked at songs from Heer Ranjha and had thought about “Sun Wanjli Di,” but I didn’t like the music in its entirety quite as much as in the other songs that I selected – including the song that didn’t belong on this list. :) So, now I will remove “Sunje Dil Waley Booe” and add “Sun Wanjli Di.” I will have more comments on your very informative comments/suggestions in the near future.
    P.S. I suspect that I also omitted the song from Heer Ranjha, at least subconsciously, for the reason that it ruined this post’s color scheme. :)

  5. Thank u so very much for this great effort. What a great composer khawaja sb. was. The melody, and depth in these composition is so real and original. I like the way Khawaja sb has used flute left and right to render the raag and raagni’s. simply amazing. I heard these songs after 50 yrs and yet they are so fresh, soothing and soulful.
    Madam has also done full justice to these unforgettable compositions.
    May Allah rest in peace the soul of both these amazing people.

  6. Glad you love the song… But which song?

    Anyway, thanks to all for contributing such heartfelt words of appreciation of this great music over the last couple of years. It is also very encouraging to me to get so many nice words about a post that I put together. Although I would probably collect and post these great songs just for myself even if no one were watching. :)

    But now that I have been brought back here by a new comment, I see that I will have to do something about the clips that have gone missing. I will get back to that soon!

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