10 comments on “Happy Birthday, Anil Biswas!

  1. I especially love tha Tarana song and ‘rahi matwale’, and of course ‘na dir din’ with the lovely dance.
    I love this too, from Kismet.

  2. Thank you for the clips, Pacifist. I think every song from Kismet is worth suggesting; it’s hard to pick just one! And I didn’t know about the Humdard one – yes, it is exquisite.

    Among those I posted, as I said, it is just impossible to figure out a favorite among these. Though the one that I’ve been playing/watching the most times recently is one that you didn’t mention :) , that Suraiya song from Gajre.

  3. Lovely songs, Richard – especially the ones from Waaris, Taraana and Kismet. And I agree that Kismet had a lot of great songs (my favourite is Aaj Himalaya ki choti se). Here’s another song that Anil Biswas scored, for the 1969 film Chhoti-Chhoti Baatein; Kuchh aur zamaana kehta hai:

  4. Wow, mention Anil Biswas, and you’re bound to get hit with a great selection of songs!

    Muhsin, that is a beautiful one, too. (Although you, of all people :), must know why I remembered “Na Dir Dim” first.) And by the way, one other advantage to doing a post on Anil Biswas is that this led me to hear quite a few songs sung by Meena Kapoor. (I have seen a few comments – which I agree with – that she deserved to be better recognized/remembered. I guess that would have been even more true if she hadn’t married Anil Biswas.)

    Madhu and Swarup, you’ve picked two very good ones from films that I am not really familiar with (and which are many years apart as well). Thanks!

    Anu, you’ve selected two from films that I do have in my DVD collection. Obviously I paid attention to Tarana, but it’s a shame that I omitted Arzoo… This is the song from that film that always gets stuck in my head:

  5. Lovely songs, all of these.

    Here is my favorite. Lovely music, singing by Manna Dey and Meena Kapoor. and a super dance as well.

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