I have just learned some very sad news from Madhu of the Dustedoff blog, that Shamshad Begum has died. It was only ten days ago that we were celebrating her 94th birthday (and as I said, my Latika post was originally a Shamshad Begum post, because she had done the terrific vocals to that song). RIP, Shamshad Begum.
P.S. On April 14, 2011, I posted my own list of my ten favorite Shamshad Begum songs. I was reminded of this today when I checked my stats and saw close to 100 hits on this post via Google (at about 6:15 pm New York time). I then went back to the post and fixed a few things, replacing two videos (one was missing and one could use improving) and adding a little note about Latika. (I actually had identified her by name, but I couldn’t find anything else out about her at the time.) And by the way, my list today would be pretty close to the one that I posted two years ago, maybe with only the slightest changes.

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