2 comments on “Hey, I’ve Had An Outsourcing Fantasy Just Like That!

  1. For the first video – if i were an Indian I wouldn’t know if I should feel proud or angry:)

    For the second one – they make contruction work seem like a lot of fun! That kind of work any guy would be more than happy to do! I wonder what they’re saying (singing).

  2. Well, somebody commenting at the BollySpace2.0 site already mentioned how funny it always is to “watch white people dance,” so I guess no insult is being perceived without being returned. :)

    By the way, since you commented, I’ve revised the post to mention the original Tamil film clip that was the source of the song in this video. That original film clip was also posted on YouTube with a couple of different sets of fake English subtitles (before somebody posted real English subtitles), and it was quite insulting…but I think everybody’s taking it in good humor. The original film clip was also very silly, so it’s not a terrible to make it even sillier, but it also was pretty decent music with good dance moves.

    Regarding the construction video… Yes, I thought it made construction work look like a lot of fun. I was surprised that construction work in India way-back-when was so co-ed. (It’s never had that characteristic here, I don’t think.) I sent the link to a couple of guys I know who are construction workers, but I got no comment, so they might have missed it.

    I wish I could know what they’re saying! It’s an old Tamil film clip (much older than the other one), and it’s very hard to find those with subtitles.

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