2 comments on “Happy 89th Birthday, Madam Noor Jehan!

  1. I used to think that Noor Jehan was fortunate that she was in two of the best sound tracks of the forties. “Anmol Ghadi” and Mirza Sahiba”. But now I realize that her contributions enhanced the quality of the songs. It is foolish to make top 10 lists because everybody will disagree with the ranking, so I will be a bigger fool and make a top five list of all time Bollywood females. Three of them would be Nur Jehan, Madhubala and Madhuri Dixit. They had several skills besides acting, had a lengthy career and were excellent in at least one skill. Analogy would be baseball where Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter but Mike Trout is the best player because he is also a good fielder and speedy on the bases. Loved the interview on British TV. She was a charismatic guest and answered questions in an honest way. Fantastic singer, nice looking, good actress, Lengthy career.

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