2 comments on ““Akeli Mat Jaiyo”

  1. OMG what a lovely, lovely video! I’ve known (and loved) the song for years but never seen the video. Thanks a ton for putting it up. Have you seen the film?

  2. Hi, Bollyviewer. You’re welcome! It is such a nice video, and a nice song. (I’ll probably be filling in more text for this one and a couple of others in a little while.) I recall there was a thread going on Memsabb’s blog and a couple of others about the best scenes of dolls or puppets come-to-life… I would separate dolls from puppets. But for dolls-come-to-life (which is what this appears to be), this has to be the best that I’ve seen so far.

    I haven’t seen the movie; this is a random find. I really would like to see the movie, though.

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