3 comments on “Favorite Songs from Umrao Jaan Ada (1972)

  1. I recently discovered Rani, and I am now working my way thru her songs and films (slowly but surely). I’m so happy I’m not the only one who likes her, lol … She’s got such a presence (and happily seems to have been in quite a few films). Do you have a favorite film or performance of hers? Of her earlier dances I’ve seen, this is my favorite:

    (from Meri Ghairat Teri Izzat)

  2. Hi, Miranda. I’m glad to see that you like Rani, too! That one above is a nice one…So I reformatted your comments to that it would show up as an embedded video…

    If you are going through Rani’s films so methodically, I am sure that you wil soonl know more about her performances than I do.

    But I like just about every dance I’ve seen her in… It’s difficult to chose a favorite. But in contrast to the more folk or classical Rani, let me offer this rock’n’roll cabaret dance, which I understand was actually her breakthrough dance in her breakthrough film, Mera Ghar Meri Janat (1968):

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