2 comments on “Happy Birthday, Sitara Devi!

  1. Rishard,
    This is wonderful, as we have come to expect from you.

    Anil Bhargav’s book ‘Swaron Ki Yatra’ mentions her date of birth as November 10, 1919 (however, the book has its own share of errors). This may need some more research.

    Can we say Sajnaa saanjh bhayi is the first ‘item number’ in Hindi films?


  2. Thank you, AK. As I’ve said before, you are too kind!

    The date that Anil Bhargav mentions for her birthday does fall within the range that I have seen and mentioned most… That is, that she was born on Diwali in either 1919 or 1920. (I haven’t found the date for Diwali in 1919, but November 10 seems plausble.) I don’t know if we’ll ever get a more definite word on ths, so I think it’s OK to leave it as it is. :)

    And I suspect that “Sajnaa saanjh bhayi” isn’t the first item number in Hindi films. For one thing, wasn’t Azurie doing item numbers as early as the mid ’30s? And I’m also thinking about the nightclub dance in Khazanchi, which came out in 1941…

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