5 comments on “Seven Favorite Dances Starring or Co-Starring Kumkum

  1. ” (And by the way, Minoo is alive and well and living in Canada now. But there is a slightly superstitious part of me that says, maybe I should not have just typed that. Stay well, Minoo!)

    This is uncanny. That was exactly what occurred to me too when I was thinking of this song – that Minoo Mumtaz is alive and well. And then I wished I hadn’t even thought of that.

    I love your list, and your descriptions of these songs. Thank you, Richard. That was enjoyable. :-)

  2. Yes, that is an uncanny coincidence, Madhu! :)

    Anyway, once again, your nice comment is much appreciated. I am particularly glad to see that you enjoyed the descriptions as well as the list!

  3. After having read Madhu’s blog I thought there weren’t any songs left.
    But the choice of dance songs gives a twist.
    Madhuban mein Radhika …is of course iconic.
    The Nimmi Kumkum dance is new to me. Nimmi’s moves are stiff compared to the fluid moves of Kumkum.
    Thinking about well being of Nimmi when one sees her dancing with Kumkum is I think natural. I had the same thoughts.
    Initially I wondered if she was still alive, then remembered a recent discussion and realised she was. Then hoped she was doing well.
    Thanks for the songs, Richard.

  4. You’re welcome, Reeba, and thank you for the nice words!

    And yes, I agree that even though Madhu and I both posted Kumkum favorite lists and even though her post actually helped me to finish mine :) , a list of dances is different from a list of lip-synced songs, so I hope that our posts complemented each other nicely, for those who are visiting both. :)

    Though actually, I was already putting together the list of Nimmi’s dances before I knew that Madhu was doing her own song list. (It’s just that I’m a bit slow. )

    I am glad that I was able to introduce you to something new – that is, the Nimmi/Kumkum dance. And thank you for confirming my own thoughts about Kumkum showing herself to be a much better dancer than Nimmi. It’s not always necessary to compare people that way, but I thought the difference between the two was obvious.

    Regarding your next couple of sentences, unfortunately, we did lose Nimmi, at the end of March. Maybe you meant to concur with what Madhu and I both said regarding our thoughts about Minoo. But that was a different dance. :)

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