18 comments on “Time for Some More Lahore Mujras!

  1. That first song sounds familiar. I mean the original song on which the remix was done. Any idea what movie it is from. The dance looks like a good workout and I should start introducing more squats oves in my fitness classes that I teach.

  2. Hi. The main song for the remix in the first mujra is from the movie Samadhi (1972), but the remix also has a spoken English part from “I Love You” in Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971), as well as a riff from the ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba” in Sholay.

    Of course, the song for the remix in the second mujra, “Ankhiyan Mila Ke,” is originally from Ratan (1944), in the Naushad soundtrack that I was raving about a little while ago (I’ve posted the original a couple of times). I mainly included this one for the remix… And this mujra is actually much better than the awful official MTV-style Bollywood remix video that’s floating around – IMO…

    The song in the third mujra was originally sung by Noor Jehan in a film from the 1970s. (I don’t know more about it at this point.)

  3. Why, thank you! And by the way, did you know that I was leaving a comment on your blog at the same time that you left a comment on mine? I will have to add Dishoom Dishoom to my blogroll.

  4. I spent (wasted?) about an hour watching Deedar on youtube last night. I was looking for a link to the 1951 film, since I’d just finished watching Dilip Kumar blind himself at the end of the movie and needed more information, opps, spoiler alert. Anyway, I came across The mujra Deedar and her sister Nargis instead, and thus watched an hour (OK it was way more than an hour) of their stage mujras. I particularly like when there’s a refrigerator on the stage. How does Deedar turn me into an old perverted Pakistani man? She doesn’t turn me into a lesbian, or a an American man, lusting after a women, but instead she is able to channel something into me and I am switched into an old Pakistani pervert, and I want to spit out my paan and arrange to kidnap her an hold her hostage to dance for me as needed. OK, she also makes me want to be her too, so I’m really confused. Luckily I am on break at work now, and am banned from accessing youtube, and my loves Deedar and Nargis. I am trying really hard to not run to the break room and do a lustful murja in front of the refrigerator, and instead realized that simply by searching your blog I’d HAVE to find information on Deedar. I’ll come back after work to see the videos, which no doubt I saw last night anyway. Richard, let’s travel to Nargis’ beauty salon in Canada, along with dishoompk, and get our hair did, then we can casually ask her where Deedar is and then go get her! Deedar!.

    “Nargis currently resides in Canada with her husband Zubair Shah and one son Murtaza Ali and daughter named Masooma. She now runs a beauty parlour/spa/salon in Markham ON Canada.”

    All the best!

  5. Sita-ji, thank you for that fascinating description of your reactions to Deedar! Yes, I think it would be a great idea to go with Dishoom to Nargis’ beauty salon in Ontario! (Even if we can’t find Deedar to “get her,” it would still be great to find Nargis!) I wonder, does Nargis get visited by a lot of mujra fans at her beauty salon? And does she cut a lot of hair there? (That does seem kind of ironic, after you read her Wikipedia biography…)

    As for Deedar, as soon as I read your description of her stage mujra(s) in front of a refrigerator, I just had to find that. And sure enough, it didn’t take long…

  6. Richard-ji!
    THanks you for understanding, but of course you would since we were first united through Megha!

    I did not see the second one you added, but have now! I didn’t mention I thought she was sort of drag queen in appearance to me. In this interview with Deedar too, I can only understand a bit, but I think Farah is asking Deedar to sort of explain aspects of her new fangled stylings.

    Here is a longer clip of edited video in the Farah interview:

    Here is the FIRST stage mujra with refrigerator that I saw her in, and I was hooked! (the television is also nice!)

    I think the home setting allows me to imagine Deedar in a familiar setting.
    You saw the great on where she’s in orange and pink, and here’s another, while no refrigerator, :( , there are 2 wicker bookshelves, which sort of help. Love her cat like Asian flavored dancing here, and of course the 2 guys too:

    This one is interesting because she just can’t get her skirt to behave, or is she only pretending?

    I may have to do a post on Deedar now too, and Nargis of course. Now I imagine sitting in the chair in Nargis’ beauty shop while she cuts my hair, and me glancing of a photo of Deedar on the wall and feigning surprise, “Oh , you know Deedar!? I love mujra!”

  7. Sita-ji, thank you so much for adding all these fine Deedar links! (I would have been happy to add the full clips, by the way, but WordPress has a mind of its own about these things and didn’t convert them. And it even insisted I give my approval before it posted all the links! Hmm.)

    The scenario that you’re imagining for the beauty salon is interesting… But I don’t know if it would work or be believable…. I think everyone who would recognize Deedar would know who Nargis is. And I don’t think she keeps her mujra dancing a secret in Canada either. Take a look at this:

    And, wow, look at this!


    Anyway, it would be great if you could do a post about Deedar and Nargis!

  8. You should join Twitter! Sita Jee and I are sharing so much Nargis and Deedar love. Its awesome when I find videos in which they are together.

    However, Ive been mesmerized by this piece of awesomeness, where Nargis (in cohorts with Saima) is convincing Shaan and another dude (Moammar Rana) to squeeze them harder because they got wet by the rain!

    And lets do a NYC-Toronto a “Deedar” of Nargis trip, now that im also in the big apple now! Sita Jee, come on over!

  9. Dishoom, you are taking me all over the place this late Friday night/Saturday morning… In the last answer, I was seriously contemplating my Marxian philosophy, and now look where my mind is at… Oh, I love this! :)

    Sita-Ji and you are sharing Nargis/Deedar love and you haven’t let me in on it?!

    Yeah, I guess I should join Twitter, but I have a strange aversion to bothering with these new “social media.” Just stuck in the 2000s, I guess. Eh, maybe one of these days.

    Wow, you are in the Big Apple? We should keep each other apprised of any appropriate entertainments in the Big Apple. :)

    I’ve actually been closer to the Canadian border the past few months, escaping to my sister’s house in Ithaca. But it’s more than time for me to go back to NYC, so I’ll be back next week (and maybe working some awful temp jobs again…if I’m lucky. :-( )

    I won’t be in the Jackson Heights area for now – am renting a room in a friend’s house in Staten Island(!) but I will still gladly commute to spend my last penny on old DVDs. :)

  10. Haha, don’t worry! im crashing at my sister’s place in Brooklyn myself trying to botch up a sham thesis! And twitter isn’t THAT bad! I was hesitant at first as well, but sometimes u can interact with a lot of interesting ppl who dont blog!

    Ive never been to Jackson Heights! *Surprise Surprise*

  11. Richard-ji,
    dishoomdishoompk-ji is right. I love twitter, and NEVER thought I would, but it allows for filmi fanatic to unite, often in real time. I don’t use it as a platform to say “I”m doing this, I’m doing that” as I once thought it was only for, but instead to mostly talk filmi talk. Richard, trust me, if I like it, you would too. Unfortunately, I blog less due to twitter, since it fills my filmi needs faster, but I’ll keep blogging, and stop slacking on that eventually. You will probably know quite a few on this list I’ve sorted because many comment on your blog:

    I wonder if Nargis and Deedar are on twitter?!?
    I have yet to do an actual Nargis/Deedar blog post, one day, one day, but of course they’ve come up in tweets between dishoom and I. NOW will you join twitter?!? ;)

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